Singaporetourismmap: Walking The Sg50 Golden Jubilee Walk

During terminal year's festivities for SG50, Singapore's 50th anniversary of independence, a novel walk road was set specially to celebrate this. This follows an 8km road taking yous through some of the history of Singapore right upward to the modern day. We similar walking too exploring too thence decided to give this road a go.

The walk begins at the National Museum of Singapore, somewhere good worth visiting besides if yous haven't been. Although at that topographic point is the mark inward the photograph below exterior the museum 1 affair I would tell is that the starting fourth dimension too terminate of the walk are non that obvious. Whilst the trail of SG50 markers to follow the road roughly are to a greater extent than frequently than non good, though nosotros did lose them at 1 request too looking at the map afterward it seems nosotros also missed a purpose of the walk too thence mayhap inward hindsight they weren't too thence clear, the starting fourth dimension too terminate could definitely last amend marked. Regardless though nosotros yet had a skillful walk!

Start of the SG50 Golden Jubilee Walk at the National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore 

Back to the walk ... from leaving the National Museum of Singapore nosotros headed towards Fort Canning Park too on yesteryear hither towards the Peranakan museum too yesteryear the National Archives of Singapore. As nosotros walked along Armenian Street I spotted this graffiti or street fine art on a wall, quite a rare sight inward Singapore too thence it definitely caught my attention.

Graffiti on Armenian Street

Then nosotros walked on towards the Central Fire Station, Singapore's oldest operating burn downwards station which also houses a heritage gallery. Along the road are several plaques amongst data almost some of the places of involvement yous pass. I'm non altogether certain whether these were position inward house for the jubilee walk or if they were already there. I suspect some of them were already there. The data was a flake express though too it would last skillful if at that topographic point could last a niggling to a greater extent than along the route.

Central Fire Station

As nosotros approached the Singapore river I accept since realized that this may accept been where nosotros missed purpose of the walk. It was roughly this request that a department of the footpath yesteryear the river was unopen off for operate too thence this may accept been why or that the markers were non besides clear at this point. Either means nosotros followed markers that took us ask towards the Esplanade expanse too on to the Helix couple rather than walking close the Padang too National Gallery etc. Regardless though the walk nosotros took at that stage, that plainly didn't quite follow the set route, was yet rattling pleasant.

As I mentioned nosotros completely lost the markers close the Helix bridge, mayhap inward hindsight because nosotros took a slightly wrong route. However nosotros headed on over the couple too managed to selection upward markers in 1 lawsuit to a greater extent than on the contrary side which nosotros followed into Gardens yesteryear the Bay.

Sir Stamford Raffles amongst the CBD inward the background
Victoria Theatre too Victoria Concert Hall

Once nosotros were inward the gardens nosotros followed the road roughly towards the Marina Barrage, walking yesteryear the domes too also close where the delineate of piece of job solid unit of measurement of otters live. I'm yet waiting for the twenty-four hr menstruum I encounter them but I suspect it in all probability is non going to come about now! The walk ends at the Marina Barrage but, equally I said previously, it wasn't terribly obvious. Regardless though of these youngster issues (which inward no means spoilt our walk) too despite us taking the wrong road the walk is rattling pleasant too lets yous encounter both the historical too the to a greater extent than modern sides of Singapore. It's worth doing if yous taste walking.

Closest I've got to seeing the otters at Gardens yesteryear the Bay


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