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One of our recent Fri evenings saw us visiting a fairly novel bar too eating theater concept on Orchard Road. The Orchard Road expanse is non somewhere I frequently become out inward the eventide now, I mean value partly because I move at that spot thus similar to become elsewhere inward my costless fourth dimension too at the weekends, for me at least, it is really crowded. KUVO (where nosotros were wining too dining) is genuinely inward the Orchard Shopping mall, an older looking mall (to me) that although I was aware of I'm fairly surely I've never been inward earlier too assumed I in all likelihood never would. KUVO too thus is a flake of a hidden please tucked away inward amongst the malls too busyness of Orchard Road too is good worth checking out.

KUVO offers a multi-concept approach to dining with iv dissimilar ways to relish an eventide yet you lot choose. It's a surprisingly large infinite (spanning over 9000sqft) offering distinct areas to relish roughly bespoke cocktails, an extensive hit of wines, a spread of dishes inward their eating theater or to pass roughly of your difficult earned cash inward their gift shop. I similar the fact that the dissimilar areas are divided off, ensuring that, yet you lot desire to pass your evening, you lot know you'll live surrounded yesteryear like-minded individuals. Each expanse has a pleasant intimacy too is really welcoming ensuring that you'll live able to relish your eventide to the utmost.

Interior of the Vine Lounge, KUVO

The areas inside KUVO include the Ambrosia I too II too Gazebo, the master copy dining infinite where you lot tin dine on a selection of Western too Asian inspired dishes, the Elixir Bar for cocktails too pocket-size plates to fit the drinks too the Vine Lounge housing over 140 vino labels including several exclusive selections. Our evening was spent inward the Vine Lounge where nosotros got to relish KUVO's electrical flow 'Charcuterie, Cheese too Wine Unlimited' advertisement which is available straight off until 31 May 2015.

Interior of the Vine Lounge, KUVO

The Vine Lounge, described every bit 'a welcoming oasis for urban warriors seeking a laidback spot to satiate their dear for wine' is a relaxed spot to relish vino inward the society of friends too loved ones, though it would also brand a expert selection for drinks for to a greater extent than formal occasions too. As you lot tin run across inward the photos inward a higher house it has a publish of comfy sofas too seats to unwind in, whether inward large or pocket-size groups, subsequently a busy twenty-four lx minutes menstruum along with a bar on the far wall which you lot tin sit down at every bit good if you lot wish. It was overnice to greenback that the seating is far plenty apart from others that you lot don't pass your eventide unwittingly eavesdropping on other people's conversations or them doing it to you.

Their "Charcuterie, Cheese & Wine Unlimited" promotion, is pretty impressive every bit you can enjoy unlimited servings of charcuterie, cheese too wine for $78++ per person. The advertisement is available every Fri too Saturday, from 9pm to 12 midnight too runs from straight off until 31 May 2015.

Deluxe Charcuterie too Cheese Platter

During our catch nosotros were able to relish a selection of the wines available inward the lounge with our platter, greenback that these are plain of report to availability. Our wines for the eventide were;

  • Antica Fratta Brut (one of the Vine Lounge's exclusive selections)
  • J.Hofsttater Pinot Bianco (one of the Vine Lounge's exclusive selections)
  • Markowisch Pinot Noir
  • Pierre Jean Chardonnay
  • Arlequin GSM
My preference is for white vino I bring to acknowledge thus I had a drinking glass of the chardonnay to kickoff too and thus stuck to the Italian bubbles (Antica Fratta Brut) which went downward really nicely. My married adult man also tried the Arlequin GSM, a red, describing it every bit low-cal too refreshing. I had a piffling besides too fifty-fifty for me it was pleasant too I'm pretty surely I could bring boozer a glass.

The deluxe charcuterie too cheese platter included the following;
  • Cold Cut (Pork Salami and Prosciutto Ham)
  • Cheese (Taleggio, Bleu de Bresse)
  • Olives (House marinated, Sun-dried tomatoes)
  • Dried fruits, prune too apricot marmalade 
  • Toasted walnut too tabular array wafers
This was absolutely delicious too good worth trying. What's non to similar almost cured meats too total of flavor cheeses all washed downward with a few spectacles of wine? Alongside delicious, abrupt too tangy marmalades, exactly correct for adding an extra zing to your plate too a dissimilar texture to your food. The pickled garnish of vegetables were also really tasty. I solely tried the taleggio cheese, a soft cheese, every bit I acknowledge I'm non genuinely a bluish cheese fan (my married adult man was delighted to create goodness from that) but this was surprisingly mild too really very pleasant. He definitely wasn't getting whatsoever of that one!

As I've mentioned with the electrical flow promotion, the platter, too the vino are on an unlimited serving betwixt 9pm too 12 midnight, Fri too Sabbatum nights. All the to a greater extent than argue to become too sample it really soon! I don't mean value you lot could maybe instruct out hungry too the platters are perfect for sharing, or exactly just eating it all yourself.

Close upwards of that meat too cheese goodness inward the Deluxe Charcuterie too Cheese Platter

The 'Charcuterie, Cheese too Wine Unlimited' promotion, offering unlimited servings of charcuterie, cheese too vino at $78++ per person, is available straight off until 31 May 2015. The advertisement is available every Friday too Saturday nighttime from 9pm until 12 midnight

#02-01, 321 Orchard Road
Orchard Shopping Centre
Singapore 238866

For reservations telephone: (65) 6733 8272

Opening Times

The Vine Lounge too Elixir Bar (tapas too wine)
Sunday - Th - 12noon - 1am; last order: 12.30am
Friday - Sabbatum and Eve of Public Holidays: 12noon–2am; last order: 1:30am

Elixir Bar (Cocktails)
Sunday - Thursday: 5pm–1am
Friday - Sabbatum and Eve of Public Holidays: 5pm–2am

12noon–11pmdaily; last order: 10.30pm

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Thanks to Food News PR too KUVO for the sort invitation.


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