Singaporetourismmap: Gardens Yesteryear The Bay Celebrates Sg50 Inwards Style!

Last Fri eve saw us caput to Gardens past times the Bay to bask the opening nighttime of their latest floral display inwards the Flower Dome, 'From Tales to Legends: Discover Singapore Stories'. This is a celebration of some of the many tales as well as legends of Singapore as well as is simply i business office of the Gardens celebrations for Singapore's 50th anniversary of independence.

The latest display transforms 10 local legends with beautiful floral interpretations of each. These include Sang Nila Utama, the famous tale of how Singapore got its refer when the ruler of the Sri Vijaya empire went on an expedition inwards search of novel lands, discovered Temasek, every bit Singapore was as well as then known, saw what he idea was a king of beasts on this isle as well as renamed it Singapura which agency 'lion city', every bit good every bit the stories of the Merlion as well as the Singapore Stone. All these were familiar to me but the display also introduced me to some novel tales including, the tale of Bukit Timah as well as that of Radin Mas, the tale of a Javanese princess who settled inwards Telok Blangah as well as ultimately saved her begetter from for sure croak past times leaping inwards front end of the blade almost to stab him. Luckily for those visiting each display tells y'all the storey of the legend therefore everybody, whether y'all are already familiar with them or not, tin bask the tales.

The tale of Sang Nila Utama
The king of beasts Sang Nila Utama believed he saw on Temasek leading him to rename the isle Singapura 'Lion City'

All of these tales are nestled inwards the Flower Dome with a large multifariousness of stunning orchids as well as other flowers. The electrical flow display features to a greater extent than than 8000 orchids as well as plants beautifully position together past times Singaporean landscape architect, Damian Tang. Orchids seem an appropriate pick of blossom for this celebration display every bit they bring been a business office of Singapore's heritage since the 1930s as well as the institution of the orchid cut-flower industry. The display also includes the role of Singapore's national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid, named afterward Agnes Joaquim (1854 - 1899), an avid gardener as well as orchid breeder who discovered the orchid inwards her garden.

As y'all walk closed to the dome you'll also run across several images from Singapore's past. This business office of the display remembers some of the unsung heroes who helped to construct Singapore. This includes the coolies, Samsui women, nighttime soil carriers as well as many more. The nighttime soil carriers was a chore I wasn't previously familiar with, these individuals were sewage collectors who manually disposed of human waste materials dorsum inwards the 1950s earlier modern sanitation was introduced. All of the these images are inspired past times newspaper tole which is the fine art of making 3-dimensional images from apartment prints. This looks actually effective as well as makes the images actually stand upwards out as well as experience far to a greater extent than lifelike than simply a apartment impress does.

Bukit Timah

Tanjong Pagar


As good every bit the lovely display inwards the Flower Dome correct at i time I'm for sure you'll already know that Gardens past times the Bay has a nightly 'Garden Rhapsody' display, a low-cal demonstrate beamed from the Supertrees. But did y'all know y'all tin currently bask a special SG50 version? For the starting fourth dimension time Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation imagery is beingness used on the Supertrees accompanied past times some local nostalgic musical favourites particularly arranged as well as composed simply for this event. We were able to run across the demonstrate on Fri nighttime every bit business office of our visit. I've seen the commons display which is quite something as well as this special version didn't disappoint, the trees ever await stunning lit upwards nether the nighttime sky and, of course, this is gratis to enjoy.

If y'all nevertheless haven't decided where to view the aerial flight displays from the Republic of Singapore Air Force as well as the National Day fireworks, what almost popping along to the gardens? It's an fantabulous topographic point to grab them from as well as would brand for some cracking photos every bit the planes wing over the Supertrees, a cracking footling extra on overstep of your see to the Gardens. There are several other events beingness held at the Gardens over National Day weekend too, including a 'Mass Dance for SG50' on the 8 August 2015. Check out the Gardens past times the Bay website for to a greater extent than details of this as well as everything else that is happening over the calendar month of August.

After all that you'll no incertitude hold upwards hungry? What amend way to cease your evening, laid out it or fifty-fifty intermission it upwards than past times dining at Satay past times the Bay? This was just where nosotros headed afterward watching the Garden Rhapsody demonstrate on Fri night. Satay past times the Bay is a large hawker trend casual dining infinite with 19 stalls, 6 satay carts as well as a Bar as well as Bistro Corner inwards a garden setting past times the waterfront, perfect for families. Never fearfulness if the heavens do create upwards one's hear to opened upwards whilst y'all are in that place every bit Satay past times the Bay provides a sheltered dining expanse (as good every bit an outdoor area) therefore y'all tin nevertheless bask your delicious food. 

The drinks stall operates twenty-four hours a 24-hour interval with most other stalls opened upwards from 11am to 10.30pm. We dined on a whole hit of dishes, including satay, masala chicken, nasi briyani, BBQ chicken wings, sambal stingray, prata as well as lots more. I don't think y'all could travel out hungry to hold upwards honest! inwards fact it was all therefore practiced I didn't larn whatever photos of the nutrient therefore you'll simply bring to larn along as well as drive it out for yourself.

By the way Satay past times the Bay is also currently celebrating its tertiary anniversary with an SG50 Lucky Draw. You bring the adventure to win 10 lucky depict prizes, valued at 10 times the amount y'all pass at Satay past times the Bay. All y'all demand to do is submit your receipt(s) with your personal details into the lucky depict box at Satay past times the Bay. This is running from at i time until Wednesday thirty September 2015, Terms as well as Conditions apply.

I recommend heading to Gardens past times the Bay at some betoken over the SG50 weekend to run across some (if non all) of what is on offering as well as soak upwards a footling of the political party atmosphere.

'From Tales to Legends: Discover Singapore Stories' is on at i time until Sunday thirteen September 2015, the Flower Dome is opened upwards daily from 9am - 9pm with extended opening hours until 10pm on National Day (9 August).

Admission charges to the conservatories apply.

There are currently numerous ticketing promotions every bit business office of the SG50 celebrations offering reduced entry to the domes to both local residents as well as tourists, cheque out the Gardens past times the Bay website for to a greater extent than details.

Garden Rhapsody - SG50 Edition volition run at i time until 10 August 2015 with Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation projection at 7.45pm, 8.30pm, 9.15pm and 10pm nightly at the Supertree Grove. It volition as well as then run from the 11 August 2015 to 13 September 2015 at 7.45pm and 8.45pm nightly at the Supertree Grove.

Admission to the Supertree Grove is free.

This spider web log resulted from an invitation as well as represents the thoughts as well as opinions of the writer. All data on this spider web log is provided "as is", with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy or timeliness as well as the author volition non hold upwards liable for whatever losses, injuries or damages from the display or role of this information. All text as well as photos on this spider web log are the master copy works of the author unless stated otherwise.

Thank y'all to Gardens past times the Bay for the sort invitation.


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