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t been writing my spider web log for awhile because Eliot has been quite ill SingaporeTourismMap: I tin encounter your Halo...I haven't been writing my spider web log for awhile because Eliot has been quite sick. Her bronchitis morphed into tummy influenza which resulted inward serious dehydration (a mutual occupation hither inward Singapore). I carried her to the dr (you never know how rigid you lot are until you lot ask to be) as well as he recommended admitting her to hospital. I don't mean value so. I followed my best instincts as well as carried her at nowadays dorsum domicile promising him that I would monitor her closely as well as brand certain she sipped her rehydration fluids. Her high fever kept returning at nighttime as well as hence I ended upwards giving her antibiotics. With Daddy away on a occupation organisation trip inward Bangalore she ended upwards spending all her fourth dimension amongst me. And I had a endangerment to detect novel things: she loves the music video 'Halo' yesteryear Beyonce', tin utter for long amounts of fourth dimension to her stuffed animals (slightly worrisome), as well as insisted on drinking H2O from a bowl 'like her puppy,' (even to a greater extent than worrisome). She's lastly improve as well as today was her initiative of all twenty-four lx minutes menstruum dorsum at school. Yeah. I was showtime to dread walking inward to cheque on her sleeping at approximately 11pm as well as feeling a burning forehead.

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