Singaporetourismmap: Cerise Point Roaming - Harbourfront Mrt - Marang Trail In Addition To The Henderson Waves

Red Dot Roaming of late took us downward to Harbourfront MRT to explore the Marang Trail as well as farther on to the Henderson Waves. You tin genuinely walk a lot farther than nosotros did that solar daytime if y'all wish, our walk makes upward a purpose of the Southern Ridges which stretches betwixt Kent Ridge green as well as Harbourfront, but nosotros decided that powerfulness endure worth saving for some other time. Most probable approaching from the other side as well as walking towards the indicate that nosotros reached on this walk .... scout this space! Conveniently, every bit well, that purpose of the walk also lines upward nicely with MRT stations, to a greater extent than Red Dot Roaming for the hereafter I think.

Anyway dorsum to our walk from Harbourfront MRT. Leaving the MRT station are signs pointing y'all towards the trail as well as every bit long every bit y'all receive got the correct instruct out the outset of the trail is literally correct exterior of the station. For reference it starts on the reverse side of Telok Blangah Road from Vivocity.  

A helpful sign but exterior the MRT station

The trail is non genuinely that long but is a reasonably steep climb upward steps as well as sloping footpaths taking y'all into Mount Faber green as well as ultimately to the top of Mount Faber, thence endure prepared to instruct warm. Whilst researching our walk I'd noticed on a map an indication of graves on the trail which sparked my curiosity greatly. I uncovering graves really interesting, every bit anyone who reads my weblog regularly may receive got noticed as well as I wasn't disappointed, tucked away with the undergrowth was an sometime Malay grave. I've since read that at that spot was a Malay kampong hither called Kampong Marang. However I genuinely don't know much to a greater extent than than this, does anybody know anything to a greater extent than almost this expanse as well as the graves? I'd honey to listen from you.

Malay grave inward the undergrowth on the Marang Trail

Walking on along the trail every bit nosotros climbed higher nosotros got some skilful views across to Sentosa as well as of the cable car. It didn't receive got long though to achieve the top as well as instruct inward Mount Faber green which is i of the oldest parks inward Singapore. We genuinely visited Mount Faber non that long later nosotros arrived inward Singapore inward 2010 as well as took a ride on the cable auto over to Sentosa too but I'd non been dorsum since then. It was interesting to approach it from a dissimilar point, final fourth dimension nosotros cheated as well as got a cab to the top, as well as skilful to revisit the green i time to a greater extent than which, every bit I mentioned, gives skilful views over the surrounding area.

This fourth dimension though our plans were to exceed on walking beyond Mount Faber green as well as on to the Henderson Waves which would receive got us into Telok Blangah Hill park. Whilst nosotros walked on through Mount Faber green the road took us away from our views towards Sentosa as well as instead gave us cracking views across the city, looking towards the HDB blocks y'all tin run into inward my photograph below as well as the CBD inward the distance. As with a lot of the walking I've done inward Singapore the paths are carefully seat out as well as signposted, cracking for non getting lost as well as suitable for all the household unit of measurement to enjoy.

Soon plenty nosotros arrived at the entrance to the Henderson Waves. The Henderson Waves is genuinely a pedestrian bridge, the highest inward Singapore at thirty-six metres. The yoke connects Mount Faber green as well as Telok Blangah loma park. The yoke gets its cry because it has a moving ridge format to it which rises upward as well as below the deck that y'all walk on. These 'waves' supply shelter as well as residue points along the walk over the bridge. The views from the top of the yoke are also pretty skilful too, looking downward on the busy Henderson Road below as well as across dorsum towards the city.

View from the Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves

By the fourth dimension nosotros reached the other side as well as entered Telok Blangah loma park, which has been inward being since the early on nineteenth century, nosotros were starting to instruct a niggling tired from the hot sun. We wandered or thence a niggling combat to a greater extent than but genuinely wanted somewhere but to residue for a piece as well as refresh ourselves earlier deciding what to practise next. As nosotros walked or thence nosotros fortunately stumbled upon the Alkaff mansion. The mansion is a beautiful colonial edifice built inward 1918 past times Syed Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Alkaff. The Alkaff's were a household unit of measurement of traders whose ancestors had arrived inward Singapore from Republic of Yemen inward 1852. It was built every bit a retreat for the household unit of measurement as well as to entertain their guests as well as was good known for hosting high monastic nation parties inward the 1930's. The belongings was acquired past times the Singapore authorities inward 1984 as well as later a menstruum of disuse was eventually converted into a eating theatre as well as eventually became an Italian eating theatre inward 2011.

I had previously heard of the house but wasn't certain it would genuinely endure suitable for what nosotros wanted correct at that point. However every bit nosotros approached nosotros discovered at that spot was also a terrace expanse outdoors serving drinks as well as nutrient inward a relaxed environment. All nosotros wanted was a mutual coldness potable as well as thence nosotros ended our exploring enjoying a refreshing potable inward the shadow of the colonial bungalow. There were lots of families at that spot doing the same or enjoying something to swallow thence this is clearly a pop spot to halt later a walk inward the area. 

We decided to halt our walk for that solar daytime having been out inward the rut of the solar daytime for a few hours. We promised ourselves nosotros would consummate the walk past times starting from the other halt of the Southern Ridges as well as brand our agency towards the mansion from that side at some indicate soon.

Alkaff mansion from the terrace

Harbourfront MRT is on the North East Line (NE1) as well as Circle Line (CC29)  

If y'all missed whatever of my previous Red Dot Roaming posts, cheque them out here.


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