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So the in conclusion purpose of our summertime trip dorsum to Europe saw us travelling to the South of French Republic for a few days for the marriage of friends likewise based hither inwards Singapore (though sadly non for much longer).  You tin banking concern tally out her fabulous weblog amongst lots of dandy nutrient recommendations inwards Singapore in addition to beyond equally good equally much more here!

Our base of operations for the few days was a fabulous gite inwards the pretty hamlet of Cestayrols, perhaps the most remote house I've stayed inwards quite sometime, sure enough inwards price of a lack of whatever Internet connection.  Definitely an chance to relish a interruption from the connected globe for only a few days though.  It felt similar you lot could measuring outdoors in addition to hold out inwards whatever fourth dimension menstruum because the hamlet was thus sleepy, unchanged in addition to relaxed but it was a welcome in addition to refreshing experience.

The gite was huge, at that topographic point were 10 of us staying at that topographic point in addition to at that topographic point was all the same enough of room to relish it without feeling you lot were on piece of job yesteryear of everybody else.  The rooms were likewise rattling big in addition to whilst our apartment hither inwards Singapore is non the smallest it reminded me in 1 trial to a greater extent than how dainty it was to hold out staying inwards a solid amongst lots of space.  There were fifty-fifty parts of the gite that were non accessible to us summation the owners abode was attached to it thus that shows what a huge belongings it is!  When non at the marriage celebrations, inwards a nearby chateau, nosotros spent our fourth dimension eating lots of amazing local produce, visiting the nearby vineyards, playing petanque belatedly into the flush on the village's petanque terrain (I acknowledge I looked upward what the right technical term is for the expanse you lot play petanque in) in addition to to a greater extent than oftentimes than non enjoying everybody's companionship in addition to relaxing.  It was a lovely destination to our summertime trip back.

Friends who were likewise at that topographic point amongst us, both from Singapore in addition to other parts of the South Eastern Asia region, accept already written nearly or thus of the wonderful nutrient in addition to other things that nosotros had/did whilst nosotros were there.  If you lot desire to read to a greater extent than banking concern tally out the next links.

Several posts on the first-class blog, Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 British Girl Abroad

All the amazing nutrient in addition to vino nosotros got to relish at the marriage reception - Living inwards Sin

Here then, only equally for my previous Spain post, are a few photos that remind me of a dandy few days over inwards France.


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