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About a lifetime ago, I worked inwards television. Well, Italian populace television set which is genuinely inwards a league of its own. I was a producer/editor on a daily diverseness demo together with i of my duties was to accept attention of the unusual guests. The conductor, Paolo Limiti, loved quondam Hollywood stars therefore nosotros had guests similar Cyd Charisse, Sophia Loren, ect. When I heard Lauren Bacall was coming I was just every bit excited every bit everybody else. My colleague, Roger Mazzeo, together with I were told to selection her upwards at her hotel i nighttime together with accompany her to a hole-and-corner location. Her kickoff question: "And what are you lot ii doing here?" was a existent H2O ice breaker together with when she saw the white limo that was specially ordered for her, she gasped: "I loathe Bentleys, especially white ones." As nosotros drove, she dished out the pleasantries: "Oh God, cobblestones... Tell me again, why are you lot ii hither together with why on world are you lot coming to dinner amongst me? Who are you?" Here, I was strongly tempted to position my philosophy storey to purpose (finally) together with offering a possible existential reply but Roger who is really sugariness tried to explain: "We move on the demo and..." She bluntly cutting him off amongst a rhetorical: "No, I mean, who ARE you? And where the hell are nosotros going?" So that was the modest verbalise sorted, then.
     At this point, nosotros were farther together with farther away. Each mile into the foggy Lombard countryside, a personal affront. The chauffer whispered to me inwards Italian that nosotros were going to a secluded dinner society opened upwards especially for us. I had a pretty rigid feeling that this wasn't just the dream dinner place  a star similar Bacall wanted to larn to. "Why are nosotros going therefore far?" she complained. Roger took the bait together with innocently answered: "Because Paolo wants to plough over you lot a special treat?"
"If he wanted to plough over me a special process I wouldn't endure sitting inwards a white stretch limo amongst you lot ii driving to who the f@#k knows where!" She did guide keep a point.
Once there, she refused everything that was offered to her together with asked the waiter (owner/good friend of Paolo): "A uncomplicated light-green salad? How difficult is that to make?" Then, when Paolo told her close this delicious burrata that they sell inwards Milan, she replied: "Well, if it's therefore good, why didn't you lot purchase i for me?"
     Since a big business office of my project was to simultaneously translate, it was difficult to halt especially since Paolo was happy for me to edit what he was saying, past times adding picayune anecdotes, like: "He has the transcend rated diverseness demo on television," or "He was just voted most pop Italian TV host". So nosotros were both taken aback when she just turned towards me together with ordered: "Will you lot PLEASE halt talking to me?"
This was correct subsequently I mentioned that my blood brother had gone to an bird viewing inwards the Dakota (where she lived inwards NY) together with had mentioned what a beautiful edifice it was. "Why on world would YOUR blood brother larn to the Dakota?" I decided non to choose upwards the fact that he genuinely lived just a couplet of blocks down.
The restaurant's wall was covered amongst photos of actors similar Sylvester Stallone or Sharon Stone posing amongst the possessor so, when he came over to inquire if she minded taking a motion-picture demo amongst him, nobody was besides surprised. But she was ready.  "Of course of report I won't accept a motion-picture demo amongst him. I know what these people are like. They'll position it on the wall therefore that it seems every bit though nosotros are friends." (The calendar week earlier Cyd Charisse had happily obliged). This was especially embarrassing since the possessor was clearly a adept friend of Paolo.  At this point, Paolo's assistant motioned to me to follow him to some other room. "We guide keep a modest problem. Who knew Lauren Bacall would endure such a iena (Italian for 'not therefore nice')? We are going to demand you lot to escort her out of the eating seat together with human activity surprised past times all the journalists together with photographers waiting outside."
     I was pretty certain she wouldn't believe journalists had spontaneously followed us all the agency to this secluded society on the outskirts of Milan. And it was raining. Oh good, possibly she would hitting me over the caput amongst an umbrella. She seemed to especially guide keep it inwards for me. I barbarous inwards that category of unimportant people. I could ever tell the existent stars, those were the ones who treated the 'unimportant' people well. Even though they didn't guide keep to. Made me wishing I was the missy of an of import cinema managing director she would some solar daytime endure auditioning for. I could stand upwards adjacent to my Dad, the cinema director, every bit she was close to read her lines together with say: "Remember me?"
    The calendar week before, I had accompanied misfortunate Cyd Charisse, a existent trooper, to the bath inwards the TV studio. When she discovered it was a squat toilet, she simply said: "Oh, interesting."
I didn't hold off roughly to take away heed what Lauren Bacall said when I brought her into the same bathroom. In her defence, it was pretty grim together with inwards truthful Italian bureaucratic spirit, this was a lav that could alone endure opened past times i special janitor nosotros had had to expect for together with who arrived amongst an air of extreme importance every bit she indicated that she had the telephone substitution to this 'special' lav hanging from her neck.

P.S. The motion-picture demo to a higher house is the agency I similar to recall Lauren Bacall. 


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