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Anyone who's been downwardly to the CBD surface area inwards the past times months volition convey close probable noticed that the Asian Civilisations Museum as well as surrounding surface area has been having a fleck of a makeover. This has resulted inwards the fairly recent opening of EMPRESS, a Chinese eating spot retaining some of the traditional whilst also embracing modern, fun dining. I was lucky plenty to travel able to caput downwardly in that place for tiffin lately as well as I wasn't disappointed.

The eating spot comprises both an indoor as well as outdoor seating area. We dined inside, it was raining as well as champaign yous also larn the practise goodness of a niggling air con besides but at nighttime I imagine some al fresco dining would travel only perfect. The indoor dining infinite is lovely though, bright, opened upward as well as airy. The eating spot infinite is modern but also includes some traditional Chinese elements to the pattern amongst the historical aspect of the museum edifice with the characteristic wall behind the bar giving yous glimpses of the museum's facade. Although I didn't catch it, I empathise in that place is also a individual dining room equally good equally the primary dining area. All of this correct on the Singapore river giving slap-up views, whether past times twenty-four hr menses or night, of the CBD, Boat Quay as well as the river.

I was in that place on a calendar week twenty-four hr menses lunchtime as well as imagine the eating spot beingness perfect whether yous were a tourist lead out of the museum, an component division worker looking somewhere dissimilar for yous tiffin (they convey laid upward tiffin menus) or looking to concord a relaxed draw of piece of occupation organisation tiffin meeting. Equally with the bar surface area as well as outdoor seating this would brand a slap-up venue for a few early on even out drinks or an even out meal.

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On to the food! We started our repast with the Triple Roast Platter ($28 for a small-scale portion) a delicious dish as well as slap-up for sharing, it tin flame travel ordered equally a small, medium or large dish. It comprises of crackling roast pork, EMPRESS char siew as well as EMPRESS sweetness as well as viscid pork ribs, for certain keeping to the restaurant's Cantonese roots. The obese goodness of the char siew was delicious as well as the crackling roast pork was super crunchy. I could happily swallow this dish 1 time again as well as again!

Triple Roast Platter - crackling roast pork, EMPRESS char siew as well as EMPRESS sweetness as well as viscid pork ribs
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We as well as thus tried a brace of the soups on offer, I was reliably informed that no Cantonese repast is consummate without soup as well as these for certain did non disappoint. I had the manly somebody monarch prawn dumpling inwards supreme broth ($14) with my companion having the teapot soup ($14), which I also tried a niggling of. Both soups convey a chicken based broth as well as were incredibly hearty, only correct for that rainy day. My soup had some delicious chunks of chicken inwards it equally good equally perchance the biggest dumpling I convey seen or at to the lowest degree for certain eaten!

King Prawn Dumpling inwards Supreme Broth
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Teapot Soup - Supreme Broth with pumpkin, seafood dumplings as well as crispy leap rolls
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The soups were followed past times some delicious tofu, the seafood spinach tofu ($22 for a small-scale portion). This is made inwards draw of piece of occupation solid as well as served with prawns, fish as well as scallops, this besides tin flame also travel ordered equally a small, medium or large portion. Whilst I may non travel the biggest seafood eater some this was delightful. This was followed upward past times a delicious beef dish as well as 1 of several vegetarian options the fried chocolate-brown rice medley ($20 for a small-scale portion), available inwards small, medium or large portions as well as also giving diners a healthier pick to pick out equally good if they wish.

Fried Brown Rice Medley - Hon Shimeji mushrooms, asparagus, goji berries, pino nuts
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Finally came dessert, I ever convey room for a dessert but I'm mostly non a fan of many Chinese desserts, EMPRESS though has come upward up with a attain of desserts that are totally unexpected making them absolutely amazing! I had the Coconut Custard with Filo Pastry containing Thai pineapple, dearest mango, passion fruit pearls as well as kokosnoot H2O ice cream. The number was something calorie-free as well as refreshing, perfect to circular off a repast on the correct note.

I acknowledge that fifty-fifty later over 5 years living hither I practise sometimes yet notice traditional Chinese restaurants only a niggling intimidating. EMPRESS though has got it only correct inwards my opinion, keeping some of those traditions but embracing a relaxed, unstuffy as well as modern approach too, both inwards its nutrient as well as decor, making this a eating spot that is accessible as well as welcoming to all. Definitely a eating spot to add together to your 'go-to' list.

Opening Hours - EMPRESS
Monday - Sunday 
Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm (Last Order 2.30pm) 
Dinner: 6pm – 11pm (Last Order 10.45pm) 

Opening Hours - EMPRESS Bar 
Sunday to Th 4pm – 12midnight 
Friday & Sabbatum 4pm – 1am


For Enquiries as well as Reservations 
Tel: 6238 8733 
Email: /

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