Singaporetourismmap: Carmine Point Roaming - Khatib Mrt - Lower Seletar Reservoir Commons

I'm notwithstanding on the alphabetic quality 'k' for my Red Dot Roaming exploring of Singapore every bit I've discovered a lot of groovy places to catch correct on the doorstep of MRT stations kickoff amongst that letter. Next upwardly was a catch to the Lower Seletar Reservoir Park but a brusque walk from Khatib MRT station.

The Lower Seletar reservoir was completed inward 1986, previous to that the Seletar river ran through the expanse amongst forests, plantations too farms on its banks. Sometimes I'd love to hold upwardly able to fourth dimension go to teach a glimpse of how places used to look. The common is a relatively minor too peaceful infinite too thence is tardily to bask inward its entirety inward an afternoon.

Looking towards a golf game course of pedagogy which is non business office of the park

On the 24-hour interval I visited the initiative of all department of the park, a sheltered part, nearest the junction of Yishun Avenue 1 too Yishun Avenue 2 was cordoned off too it looked similar some go was existence done on that part. However a brusque walk farther along Yishun Avenue 1 too I was inward the park. As I walked along admiring the, quite frankly, huge reservoir to my correct (sometimes it's difficult to believe such massive expanses of H2O tin hold upwardly constitute inward Singapore) I noticed at that spot was a H2O company centre inward the park. Here you lot tin rent out kayaks, I didn't, anyone who knows me good would hold upwardly far to a greater extent than surprised if I said I had, but I noticed a few out inward the reservoir that afternoon.

Jetty stretching out into the reservoir - perfect for an afternoon stroll

At the far cease of the common was a jetty heading out into the waters of the reservoir. Along the walk were several boards giving you lot a footling history of the reservoir. I also spotted a lizard along hither and, of course, enough of birds. On the afternoon I visited the atmospheric condition had gone, inward that real Singapore way, from a beautifully brilliant sunny 24-hour interval to rainy too a footling cooler, this definitely made it to a greater extent than pleasant to walk roughly though. It also meant when I got to the cease of the jetty too was correct into the reservoir (just beyond the white covered business office inward my photograph above) I got to create goodness from some wonderfully cooling breezes from off the water, e'er a addition inward Singapore. As good every bit the fact that the common was pretty much all mine for the afternoon!

Looking dorsum from the jetty

Looking towards a nearby HDB, 1 of those amongst a pattern painted on it

As I was looking dorsum towards the common I noticed the HDB inward the photograph above, 1 of many inward Singapore amongst fun too creative designs on them which definitely brand them stand upwardly out a footling more. I also managed to capture a plane inward flying inward this item photograph which I similar too. Later, when I left the common to walk dorsum to the MRT station I saw some farther examples of the HDB fine art which you lot tin run across inward the final 2 photos below. All unlike too all real endearing.

That's a pretty large expanse of water!

Some to a greater extent than examples of HDB fine art (above too below) on my walk dorsum to the MRT too from the MRT station platform.

It was groovy to uncovering some other footling common inward Singapore too 1 amongst such a lovely backdrop to it. Singapore is lucky to accept too thence many parks etc. to pass fourth dimension inward outdoors too although this 1 was non the biggest, if you lot alive nigh hither or fancy seeing some other business office of the isle 1 weekend this may but accommodate you.

Khatib MRT is on the North South Line (NS14).

If you lot missed whatever of my previous Red Dot Roaming posts, cheque them out here too allow me know if you lot hollo back there's anywhere else I should hold upwardly visiting!


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