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Along alongside my hubby (who has been to many) I attended my offset proper football game agree recently.  As my hubby is also a much bigger together with far to a greater extent than knowledgeable fan than I volition e'er survive I've handed the reins all the same i time to a greater extent than to him to part a lilliputian of our experience.

On Sat 15th Nov nosotros attended a football game agree at Jalan Besar stadium (the master copy stadium opening inwards 1929), the Liverpool Masters, featuring a choice of players from days of old, including Robbie Fowler (aka God), Patrik Berger together with Jerzy Dudek (Champions League hero from 2005) played the Singapore Masters (including the electrical current caput charabanc of the LionsXII inwards the Malaysian Super League, Fandi Ahmad). This was the offset agree I’d been to since watching Fulham play Everton (a gratuitous ticket from a friend that worked at Barclays at the time) on a freezing mutual depression temperature Feb twenty-four hours inwards 2008. Prior to that my final Liverpool agree was also at Craven Cottage inwards 2002 (a distich of the Masters played inwards that game too).

Waiting for the activeness to begin

We were sat inwards the covered work of the stadium, a proficient matter equally the heavens opened only equally nosotros were arriving (which is rattling convenient for Lavender MRT (East-West line) together with made our agency to some gratuitous seats (there were non numbered seats) only inwards a higher house together with to the correct of i of the goals.

Events kicked off at to a greater extent than or less 7:30pm, although at that topographic point had been a juniors tournament before inwards the day, alongside a line-up of the teams together with the game comprising of 2 thirty-five infinitesimal halves. For the offset one-half the Liverpool heroes were kicking towards the finish nosotros were sat close together with it didn’t stimulate got long before the silky Premier League skills were on display alongside a serial of crisp attacking moves downwards either flank. The years were rolled dorsum for me equally the overstep sequence went from Fowler to Steve Mcmanaman together with dorsum (how many times inwards the past times had those 2 linked up) together with before also long the resplendent reds were inwards front end alongside a nicely worked goal. Emile Heskey (an xi i grand m quid signing for the reds dorsum inwards the day) slid inwards to connect alongside a grade from Jari Litmanen, a thespian that scored twice inwards that 2002 game alongside Fulham (the mutual depression temperature Feb air current whipping off the Thames making a one-half fourth dimension pie a necessity). The crowd went wild, well-nigh fans were supporting both teams (Liverpool inwards cherry-red together with Singapore inwards blue), equally the pelting continued to fall. 

Shortly afterward it was 2 nil, unfortunately this fourth dimension due to an ain finish inwards Liverpool's favour. As the defensive character of the old Premier League players started to exhibit through attacking options for the hosts were express but the grade was kept downwards to 2 at half-time. As the pelting eased the 2nd one-half started inwards the same vein equally the offset thirty-five minutes. The Liverpool squad added a third, from the boot of Jari Litmanen (the provider of the offset goal) together with hitting the woodwork on a topographic point out of occasions. The Singapore squad showed to a greater extent than attacking intent equally the game grew into its latter stages, forcing a topographic point out of character saves from the hero of Istanbul 2005 (Liverpool’s 5th European title), Jerzy Dudek. They eventually scored (Rafi Ali beingness the human being to create it) to larn far 3-1.

For the final 10 minutes the superhero striker, Ian Rush, came on to mayhap the loudest cheer of the entire evening. He showed that he’d lost none of the predatory instinct, making a few character runs inwards the same agency that terrorised many a defense forcefulness inwards the 80s together with 90s.

The game ended 3-1, together with was followed past times a brief trophy ceremony together with celebratory photograph sessions. We don’t larn to sentry alive football game on anything but the television oft inwards Singapore, hence this game was bright alongside a really authentic atmosphere (very like to Anfield, consummate alongside the dulcet tones of You’ll Never Walk Alone).

A pleasant nighttime together with equally the pelting had stopped, nosotros could complete our eve past times making our agency to drinks alongside friends inwards Little India.


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