Singaporetourismmap: Mayhap It Won't Rain?

 I experience similar skipping from room to room together with playing Billy Holiday SingaporeTourismMap: Maybe it won't rain?
My get-go java of the day. Nothing similar it. And both kids at school. Silence inwards the house. Heaven. I experience similar skipping from room to room together with playing Billy Holiday. Maybe not.
I only brought Alexander downstairs to larn the autobus inwards a torrential downpour but past times the fourth dimension I had to walk amongst Eliot to her kindergarten downward the street it had stopped. Thank goodness for that together with give cheers goodness for her no longer finding her pinkish flute (hmmm) which yesterday she insisted on playing the whole means to school. I mean, she's non the pied piper. And, to a greater extent than importantly, I'm non deaf.
Yesterday was a dissimilar story. I went to option her upward without an umbrella (never a practiced stance inwards Singapore during rainy season). Halfway at that topographic point the random drib turned into a heavy downfall. After a few seconds I could barely encounter where I was going it was that dense. I was completely drenched. Money good spent at the hairdresser's was all I could think. When I got to the schoolhouse I looked similar something the truthful cat had dragged in. Yet nonetheless wearing my sunglasses. (They are prescription together with without them I could easily wander into only about other preschool together with God knows who I could option up).


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