Singaporetourismmap: Sembawang Common

On our lastly Dominicus (sob) inward Singapore nosotros made the trek to the due north of the isle to Sembawang green equally it's an expanse that we'd never been to previously. Sembawang green similar many others inward Singapore is the perfect identify for those living inward the vicinity of it to acquire away from the hustle of the metropolis in addition to savour some relative tranquility, fifty-fifty if it is correct adjacent to a shipyard!

We took the MRT to Sembawang station in addition to hence walked the lastly part, I'm certain you lot could easily grab a charabanc though if you lot wanted. The green isn't correct on the doorstep of the MRT station but if you lot don't heed a fleck of walk it's perfectly doable yesteryear foot. There is also enough of signage directing you lot along the green connexion to this in addition to other parks inward the expanse in addition to it's a pretty pleasant walk. It takes you lot yesteryear some landed properties in addition to HDB's earlier ultimately hitting to a greater extent than opened upwards province alongside simply a sprinkling of residences in addition to shophouses housing a few modest restaurants in addition to convenience stores. The walk is pretty much a at nowadays line earlier reaching the green correct on the coast overlooking the Straits of Johor.

As nosotros approached the green nosotros heard the audio of a siren a few times. We briefly idea it was the isle broad warning but rapidly realised it wasn't. I'm non certain what it was but tin give notice exclusively assume it was connected to the shipyard inward someway. Other than hearing this warning though, equally is hence oft the case, the route leading to the green was pretty deserted of whatever life.

View towards Sembawang jetty from Beaulieu house

There is a rigid connectedness to Singapore's naval history inward this area. As I mentioned the green is correct adjacent to a shipyard which was originally a naval base of operations of the British Royal Navy from the 1920s until Singapore's independence. After entering the park, in addition to alongside the shipyard on our left, nosotros shortly spotted Beaulieu House inward front end of us. The solid was built inward the 1910s equally a seaside solid for a identify unit of measurement yesteryear the squall of David who were inward the mining business. The solid is truly older than the naval base of operations whose structure began inward 1923. After the base of operations was built the solid was hence acquired yesteryear the British regime to live used equally a residence yesteryear senior Naval officers. 

During the Japanese Occupation it was believed to take away keep been used yesteryear the Japanese equally a Headquarters in addition to lookout adult man towers were built to overlook the naval base. Following the destination of the Japanese Occupation it was returned dorsum to the British in addition to used 1 time once to a greater extent than equally a residence yesteryear officers in addition to their families until the consummate withdrawal of the British inward 1971. It was hence gazetted equally a conservation expanse in addition to afterwards became a seafood restaurant, which it however is today. By the fourth dimension we'd walked all the means from the MRT station nosotros were quite warm hence popped inward at that topographic point to acquire a mutual depression temperature drinkable earlier exploring the green a niggling more. There are loads of paper cuttings etc most the identify in addition to trinkets dotted all over the restaurant. I've heard it is also a pop venue for weddings in addition to whilst nosotros were at that topographic point a immature duo were discussing their marriage plans alongside 1 of the staff.

After finishing our drinks nosotros went for a stroll simply about the park, firstly walking along Sembawang jetty which the British began edifice inward the 1940s but abandoned during the Japanese Occupation. It was later completed yesteryear the Japanese. The park, existence correct on the coast, is smashing for enjoying cooling body of body of water breezes. Although, equally I said, nosotros barely saw anybody on our walk to the green the green itself was quite busy. There were lots of families in addition to groups of friends picnicking in addition to enjoying themselves. I noticed some really cool climbing frames inward the children's play areas, including a huge 1 that resembled a warship, if exclusively I were a few years younger! I also noticed a petanque court, peradventure the exclusively 1 I've always seen inward Singapore, memories of a trip to French Republic a duo of years agone for our friends wedding came flooding dorsum at that point.

I take away keep to acknowledge that whilst at that topographic point may live a lot of historical (particularly naval) involvement inward the expanse I wasn't blown away yesteryear the green itself. It was overnice to take in a dissimilar expanse but unless I lived at that topographic point I doubtfulness I'd await to acquire back. One overnice fact I've learnt since my take in is that Sembawang beach (you tin give notice encounter some of it inward my photograph above) is 1 of exclusively a few natural sandy beaches remaining inward Singapore. Whilst it may non live extensive it makes a overnice alter from the artificial ones nosotros all know on Sentosa in addition to it was smashing to encounter people enjoying it that Dominicus afternoon.

Looking towards the shipyard from the jetty

As I said whilst I may non select to furnish if I'm always dorsum inward Singapore it made for a pleasant afternoon out. As a terminal identify to take in earlier leaving it was smashing to acquire to a completely dissimilar component division of the isle in addition to encounter what it had to offering in addition to maybe, if I had the chance, the expanse truly needs farther exploring.


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