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Last nighttime Alexander was looking for something to read  SingaporeTourismMap: What Kids Say...
Last nighttime Alexander was looking for something to read (he's piece of employment a voracious reader too considering I nearly compromised my liver trying to instruct him how to read inwards 2nd course of didactics this is no insignificant detail. In fact, he gets away amongst a lot because he's reading all the time...I'm that happy, still.) Anyway, he picked upwardly my re-create of "Catcher inwards the Rye." I had a instant of thinking: "Wait a minute, that's non actually appropriate for a merely of late turned ix twelvemonth old. But that feeling was replaced amongst an intense curiousity to what he would country too what he would mean value close it. After a few pages he lay it downwardly maxim he liked it but he wasn't going to read it correct now. And then, subsequently farther consideration, he came upwardly with: "Was this majority similar the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' of your times." On the mark, I'd say.
Eliot terminal nighttime couldn't autumn asleep. I started reading her "Cinderella" too she outburst out inwards tears: "What if you lot die, too therefore I'll larn a stepmother. Or if you lot struggle amongst Daddy too he changes his hear close loving you lot too and therefore I larn merely about other stepmother. Or if you lot die, but too therefore you lot come upwardly dorsum too I already receive got a stepmother." First, I reasoned that I wasn't dying, that I would e'er live on her mother, too I fifty-fifty added every bit a reassurance: "your Daddy would never conjoin person evil. She would live on nice." But this provoked an fifty-fifty to a greater extent than frantic reaction: "but he doesn't know anybody, he doesn't receive got whatsoever daughter friends, it powerfulness live on person who seems dainty too and therefore is evil."
Hard to struggle that assort of logic. So, I did what whatsoever rational too sensible woman raise would do. Put away "Cinderella" too pulled out "If You Give Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Mouse a Cookie" (Thanks Arlene!)
(Photo taken on Alexander's ninth birthday. He's wearing the cap Eliot merely gave him every bit a present.)


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