Singapore tourism map: The Eagle Has Landed

"That was a genuinely skillful hug."
After a x 24-hour interval (yes, that's right, ten day) schoolhouse trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, Alexander is dorsum to the corking joy of his identify unit of measurement (especially his sister). This is approximately of what he shared alongside us on the taxi ride habitation from the airport:
1) Thai nutrient is good, exactly non every bit skillful when yous convey to larn far yourself;
2) Spelling Alexander inwards sign linguistic communication is non that hard;
3) Elephants are non every bit cuddly every bit yous powerfulness think, genuinely they are quite leathery;
4) The existent luxury virtually habitation is non having to railroad train a bed together with tent each night;
5) One tin never pack plenty coughing strepsils or socks;
6) Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 caput torch is fundamental. Extra batteries, fifty-fifty to a greater extent than so;
7) Organic farming, walking on stilts, H2O rafting together with trekking alongside a GPS...all great. Caving (what alongside the spiders together with all) non together with then much;
8) It's mutual depression temperature inwards them at that spot mountains, "luckily I had that wooly handknit penguin chapeau yous didn't desire me to buy."
9) It's squeamish having a sis bake a 'welcome home' cake together with keeping all Christmas activities on hold.
10) Shopping for souvenirs is fun. (I don't know how he constitute fuzzy sock slippers inwards a Thai nighttime market, exactly the man child definitely knows me. I am typing this alongside a smiling together with really snug toes.)

"How create yous tell hullo inwards Thai?"

"Now, let's run across who's taller."

The Thai laid upward alongside his penguin chapeau on.


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