Singapore tourism map: Ten Questions To An Expat: Giacomo Galtarossa

"Daddy, I desire mine al dente."

1) Hello Giacomo, how long bring y'all lived hither in addition to what create y'all do?
I bring lived inwards Singapore a piffling over iv years. I started my ain artisanal gelato company, exactly afterwards it was bought past times Pastamania, I became build principal in addition to caput of their Italian Affairs Division.

2) Sounds delish (as my immature adult woman would say). Where are y'all from originally?
Verona, Italy.

3) What brought y'all here?
My married adult woman Claudia in addition to I came hither on our honeymoon in addition to liked it real much.  We ever wanted to build Asia our home.

4) What create y'all to inwards your spare time?
What spare time? With iv kids (Felipe, Maria Teresa, Alberto, in addition to babe Caterina) at that topographic point isn't much of that. But nosotros create similar to instruct to Legoland inwards Malaysia.

5) What create y'all similar best close Singapore?
How helpful people are.

6) Least?
I miss the modify of seasons.

7) Never piece of job out the family without?
H5N1 skillful persuasion of where to go.

8) Best weekend trip?

9) Interesting fact people don't know close you?
I concur the high height tape inwards heaven diving inwards South America: 33,000 ft. I was business office of a Venezuelan Army team.

10) And what advice would y'all plow over person who is close to motility here?
Relax in addition to bask your fourth dimension here. As an entrepreneur, I would tell choosing the correct place is key.


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