Singapore tourism map: X Things I Didn't Know Almost Dubai

"Finally, a driver who doesn't verbalize back."

I simply got dorsum from a 36 sixty minutes whirlwind trip to Dubai where I discovered a affair or 2 I didn't know close this Standard Arabic precious rock inward the middle of the desert.

1) Petrol is cheaper than water. Literally.

2) Water is really expensive.

3) Dubai is non the upper-case alphabetic lineament of the U.A.E. Abu Dhabi is.

4) The specialty inward Dubai is bread. For those coming from Asia, the absence of rice may come upwards equally a refreshing surprise...or shock.

5) Chinatown is a mall.

6) Bus stops along the streets accept air conditioning.

7) If y'all run into a grouping of tourists amongst a lead inward your hotel, don't worry, they're genuinely on a tour.

8) There are pinkish taxi cabs driven yesteryear women that exclusively pick upwards women (especially proficient if you're having a bad pilus day). Women tin likewise larn inward the cabs driven yesteryear men, hence, it's the men who genuinely accept less choice.

9) High speed sand driving on desert dunes...not for everybody.

10) There is a souk (Arab marketplace place) which is genuinely an exact replica of what y'all intend a souk would live on like. It's non ironic.

In Dubai, at that spot is the biggest mall inward the world, the highest edifice inward the world, the largest aquarium inward the world...the listing goes on. It's almost equally though the urban planners larn together i time a week, hopped upwards on coffee, banking venture jibe out the guinness mass of basis records, together with say: "You know what would live on cool? The biggest....(fill inward the blank)."
It's an architect's dream location.
So, if y'all are an aspiring architect who loves olives, hummus, camel rides, together with swimming amongst dolphins... this is the identify for you.
Small tip: Fly Emirates, the tiny cans amongst coke written inward Standard Arabic brand slap-up souvenirs for the kids waiting at home.

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