Singapore tourism map: Nature Vs Nurture

"Wait...take a photograph of them first."

Alexander in addition to Eliot grew upwards inwards the same identify alongside the same parents, the same sum of love, the same rules...even the same scary bedtime stories (previously covered in
Yet, they are undoubtedly different. How different? Enough to brand me a rigid believer inwards nature over nurture.

For example, different Alexander, Eliot prefers to laid upwards rather than clear the table.
She carries the crystal vase bought inwards Dublin from across the room (yes, I create deal my breath), uses the linen napkins, in addition to places the mats equidistant from each other. Alexander, on the other hand, is the speedy gonzales of tabular array clearers...he fifty-fifty leaves behind a few crumbs for adept measure.

When Eliot doesn't desire to become to schoolhouse it's commonly because she hasn't finished an assignment. That has never stopped Alexander.

While Alexander, if allowed, could scout endless hours of tv set (ranging from Mythbusters to Navy Seals Training specials), if the exhibit Eliot likes isn't on, she only turns off the TV (what a new idea) in addition to plays inwards her room.

Eliot seems to larn to a greater extent than attached to her things than Alexander. Yesterday, afterward agreeing to throw away her rootage flat gym shoes, requested a photograph of them first. So that she could call upwards them.  I could become on in addition to on...but I won't. You're welcome.

The basic signal of this postal service is that if you're a parent ...don't worry likewise much. Sure, you'll endure the rootage somebody to endure blamed when things become southward but actually it's out of your hands. You're only inwards the rider seat. Nature is running the exhibit and, incidentally, monopolizing the shoe cupboard space.

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