Singapore tourism map: It's Ever A Vacation Inwards My Mom's Kitchen

"I idea vespa was a type of H2O ice cream..."

I convey a adept friend whose holidays characteristic castles, temples, too Michelin-starred restaurants (hi LeeAnn). My holidays, on the other hand, mainly characteristic me drinking java inwards my mom's kitchen. Maybe I should give-up the ghost a tour guide. Or alone locomote alongside LeeAnn. But the truth is I actually similar hanging out inwards my mom's kitchen. It's where I spent most of my fourth dimension when I was picayune or when I was dwelling identify from college. Writing essays on the kitchen table, listening to the pianoforte wafting inwards from the living room, marvelling at my blood brother Stephen's crushing logic on why he should ain a vespa. The alone deviation is that inwards those days, my 2 slap-up aunts Josie too Milly, were likewise inwards that kitchen. Hence, the freshly baked apple tree pie, endless cups of coffee, too conversations littered with: "What'd she say?" "Roosevelt was a slap-up president," too "Was this luncheon or dinner?"
Now it's my ain kids hanging out inwards my Mom's kitchen listening to stories almost the adept quondam days. Sampling her risotto, checking expiration dates on Easter eggs (it's July, Mom), too watching her extensive classic cinema collection. An splendid agency to give-up the ghost over jetlag, only I create wonder what final result dorsum to dorsum Audrey Hepburn films mightiness convey on them. As long equally it doesn't final result inwards Eliot wanting to store alone at Tiffany's or inwards Alexander bespeak for a vespa, I expect forwards to my yearly rendez-vous alongside Holly Golightly.


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