Singapore tourism map: As Well As And Hence At That Spot Were None...

And Then There Were None: championship of a thrilling Agatha Christie play inwards which the suspects are mysteriously murdered ane past times one? Or, apt analogy of what I idea would plough over if I started a blog.
Initially, ane or 2 readers (that's why they're called friends), maybe an innocent cyberspace user who googled best dumplings inwards Singapore...but I honestly assumed the 'fanbase' would peter out. Very quickly. Especially, after  H5N1 postal service virtually pelting inwards Singapore...really?
Instead, reverse to all logic, the weblog has taken on a life of its ain too this morning, I am equally surprised equally you, to run into it striking 50,000 views! What's fifty-fifty to a greater extent than awesome is to run into how disparate the audience is...Singapore too England fairly predictable....Afghanistan too Bahrain...not too then much!
So, give thank y'all you reader! It would direct maintain been groovy to write an Agatha Christie play...have the same ending equally one? Not too then much!
Fun picayune interview I did today for ExpatFocus:

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