Singapore tourism map: To Stroll Or Non To Stroll...

"Where's my latte?"

My blood brother is undecided close getting a stroller for his newborn baby.
I could say him how the stroller was Alexander's bed, his domicile away from home. How the custom made hooks (thanks Pa) hanging from the grip allowed me to deport huge bags of groceries through the crowds along Grafton St. inward Dublin, or how the underlying pocket carried sweaters, H2O bottles, handbag, diaper bag, books, toys, Eliot's favorite plasmon Italian cookies. Cookies!! Do you lot know how vital cookies tin hold upwards when you lot accept a crying babe inward a long business at the post service office?
Now that I mean value close it, the babe stroller was a lifesaver, a game changer...not to mention, the closest I've e'er come upwards to owning a vehicle!
Then again, perchance there's a argue I don't accept a driver's license.


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