Singapore tourism map: The Pleasance Of Anonymity

"Crumbs again?"

I used to joke that 1 of my lifelong ambitions was to larn inwards a cafe' as well as say: "The usual." A Freudian scholar powerfulness translate this equally an unconscious desire, mutual to series expats everywhere, to belong.
In these past times few months, I got the run a peril to realize my 'dream.' After dropping the kids off at school, I walked every solar daytime to the same cafe' as well as fifty-fifty sat at the same tabular array alongside my moleskin notebook as well as pen. Eventually, I heard the long awaited words, from the waitress: "The usual?"
I smiled. Finally, I got what I wanted: a java as well as a croissant without having to tell a word.
Then 1 day, unexpectedly, she added: "So, how is your majority coming along?"
After that, I form of dreaded walking in. I missed my anonymity as well as that unique pleasance that comes from drinking java surrounded past times strangers... as well as a hungry sparrow or two.


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