Singapore tourism map: Feedback: The Good, The Bad, In Addition To The Ugly

"Wait...which i am I?"

I don't know which is worse: waking upwardly too reading a harsh review most my novel mass on Amazon amongst the less than flattering title: "Author Needs Therapy," or seeing underneath it an absolutely glowing too hence realizing it is signed ain father. True, my dad is similar the Great Santini of dads; an ex-green beret non prone to flattery. In fact, when I get-go started the weblog his reaction was reassuringly positive: "Why would anybody desire to write a blog?" But people don't know that. They'll brand assumptions. They'll retrieve I paid him. (Not that I'm beneath that form of thing.)
I'm pretty certain it was my Mom who position him upwardly to this.  I called her yesterday to complain most a negative review I got. In her customary agency of beingness both reassuring too frightening at the same time, she offered: "In your case, I wouldn't accept it equally an insult." Really? Author Needs Therapy? Why not? "Because you're a writer. Now, if yous were a pianist similar your brother, that would hold upwardly different." What? How did she attain out to brand this most Julian (who, btw, is playing at Carnegie Hall inwards New York City this really Sunday: I know, sometime habits are difficult to die.)
After I complete reading her the review, she adds the anxiety inducing part: "Gee, mayhap yous should teach a bodyguard."
But seriously, who wouldn't desire to withdraw heed they postulate therapy? Not that I'm genuinely refuting the reviewer's claim. And there's zero incorrect amongst having's simply that modest exceptional of hearing it from a full stranger that is vaguely disturbing. I mean, I would await this from people who genuinely pass fourth dimension amongst me, similar line solid unit of measurement too friends. But who are yous to country I postulate therapy? My husband? I don't retrieve so. Then again, it was signed anonymously.

I was feeling poor for myself hence I happened to encounter a postal service most the gorgeous lawn tennis champion Maria Sharapova. Underneath the photo, i of the comments was: "You tin sack tell she is going to hold upwardly genuinely ugly looking too fatty past times the fourth dimension she hits middle age." Wow. I approximate it's truthful what Alexander said later I read him the review: "Mom, haters gonna hate."

P.S. So, if yous own got read my mass and liked it, (and are feeling magnanimous), delight travel out a review at Amazon: Singapore-Jennifer-Gargiulo/dp/9814408573"> or at Goodreads: Singapore"> because authors postulate positive karma, too!
Oh, too if you're a line solid unit of measurement fellow member delight piece of occupation a pseudonym. Thank you!!

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