Singapore tourism map: Big Yr For A Blog...Happy Holidays!!

Alexander, practice you lot intend I've been photoshopped?! "Obviously." (photo Expat Living Singapore)

Wow, my really outset photograph shoot. Thank you, Verne Maree, Ken Tan, too Expat Living Magazine for the incredible characteristic but well-nigh of all...for making me await too thence good. Let me country 1 matter straightaway,  I am strongly opposed to photoshopping. I intend it intentionally misleads the reader into thinking people await a lot improve than they practice inwards existent life. Unless, of course of teaching it's me beingness photoshopped. Then, I'm all for it. In fact, I at nowadays deport this photograph amongst me wherever I go, but to remind people how expert I could know, if I actually tried. Forget expensive creams too make-up, I country let's bottle this upwards too lay it nether the Christmas tree. Eau de photoshop...just a whiff too all pores disappear. Way improve than a nespresso machine.
Happy holidays too a big give thank you lot you to each too every 1 of you lot for reading, commenting, too sharing this blog. If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't hold upwards inwards a glossy journal on the newsstands.  Just 1 thing, if you lot involve house to run across me inwards the side past times side few days, delight hold upwards sort too knock that shocked await off your face.
It's expensive to convey a lighting crew follow you lot everywhere (I've looked into it).

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