Singapore tourism map: Ten Questions To An Expat: Chef Keith

Sailing alongside daughters Jasmine in addition to Caitlyn

1) Hello Keith, how long convey y'all lived here?
Two years.

2) Where are y'all from originally?
Selangor, Malaysia. The family immigrated to Commonwealth of Australia in addition to nosotros are Australian citizens alongside united nations household unit of measurement members - our youngest Caitlyn is born inwards Sydney in addition to Jasmine the eldest inwards London. 

3) What brought y'all here?
A operate chance which aligned alongside our wishing of having the kids know their Asian heritage, linguistic communication in addition to culture. I every bit good founded a specialist roasting catering outfit called Roast & Host past times Keith & Kin Pte Ltd.

4) What produce y'all produce inwards your spare time?
We brand household unit of measurement fourth dimension - nosotros could hold upward biking, stone climbing, rope walking or cuddling upward to "movie time" at home. 

5) What produce y'all similar virtually Singapore?
The might to teach dissimilar experiences without needing to go long distances. With children this is a corking identify to outset to sense everything. Since it is fundamental inwards South East Asia, nosotros tin therefore upgrade to to a greater extent than challenging activities inwards the surrounding neighbouring countries. The ease alongside which to behave draw organisation is every bit good rattling welcomed. And therefore is the ease to jumping into the puddle anytime in addition to whatever twenty-four hr catamenia of the year. 

6) So what produce y'all similar least?
I missy a to a greater extent than contoured landscape - a mix of acme inwards landform is sorely missed. So I scaled Gunung (Mt) Rinjani, an active volcano (3,726 m) on the isle of Lombok, Republic of Indonesia inwards May 2011. 

7) Never go out the draw solid without?
A smartphone in addition to sunglasses

8) Best weekend trip?
A household unit of measurement staycation on the island, achieving ane outdoor activity, taking inwards a staged production, a piddling gift for everyone, in addition to a meaningful repast out. Or only hop over to Lombok, Bali, or Koh Samui. 

9) Interesting fact people don't know virtually you?
I completed the total curriculum ABRSM eighth Grade inwards pianoforte music - a long fourth dimension ago!

10) So what advice would y'all laissez passer on somebody who is virtually to movement here?
Align your goals to the portion to brand the best role of the opportunity, fourth dimension and accessibility of all things on the island. Seek out the outdoor activities, create total upward on all the nutrient that convey converged hither on the isle in addition to mass your vacation flights to Singapore's neighbours to bask the super ease of getting out in addition to dorsum into the country. 


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