Singapore tourism map: Life Is Stranger Than Fiction

My editor merely called amongst the surreal intelligence that, later merely i week, is the issue i bestseller at Kinokuniya inwards the pop civilization category. Now I experience a trivial guilty I complained close where the mass was placed. The saying: "Location, location, location," definitely is non express to existent estate. Note to self: inwards unopen to other lifetime larn best friends amongst bookshop staff earlier publishing a book. Forget close literary agents, it's the people inwards accuse of mass shelves who truly concur your fate. In i bookshop, my mass was side past times side to Diary of Anne Frank (seriously?), inwards unopen to other it was placed inwards Military Highlights (because my Dad was a greenish beret?) together with inwards unopen to other it truly took me, together with 2 really friendly staff members, 15 infinitesimal to fifty-fifty locate the book...
But every bit they say: life is stranger than fiction. Somebody must bring constitute it later all. 


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