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Brianna alongside her lovely family
Introducing our expat of the month, Brianna Gardiol Foulds, beautiful married adult woman together with woman raise of three. When she's non preparation for a marathon, this Texan dynamo tin go establish at a Singapore Slingers game sporting cowboy boots together with a huge smile.

1) So Brianna, how long convey yous lived inward Singapore?
We moved hither inward Oct 2011, together with then close xvi months.

2) Where are yous from originally?
I was born inward Idaho only lived inward Tokyo equally a child. My household unit of measurement in conclusion settled inward Texas, which is where I moved to Singapore from.

3) What brought yous here? 
My married adult man Todd's job. He manages a squad for a US of America based tech company.

4) What produce yous produce inward your spare time?
My gratis fourth dimension is pretty random together with never scheduled far inward advance. I volunteer at my kids' school, become running, grab a daytime flick alongside my friends. I mean value a class inward hot yoga together with hip hop would go fun.

5) What produce yous similar best close Singapore?
I LOVE that I convey made together with then many friends from Singapore together with from all over the world. I acquire to larn close around together with then many dissimilar cultures together with traditions. 

6) What produce yous similar least?
Durian. Seriously...who persuasion it would go a expert persuasion to position something that smelled that awful into your mouth?!

7) Never piece of work out the solid without?
H5N1 pilus ring together with a scrunchie. I convey to command my frizzy hair! If exclusively I had lived hither inward the 80's my pilus would go rockin'.

8) Best weekend trip?
We convey non traveled a lot all the same only nosotros produce convey closed to trips coming up: Kota Kinabalu (on the isle of Kalimantan inward Malaysia), Khao Lak inward Thailand, Beijing, together with Siem Reap inward Cambodia. I'm non certain which i I'm most excited for.

9) Interesting fact people don't know close you?
I started a facebook grouping because I couldn't respect Cheez Wiz for a recipe for my starting fourth dimension Thanksgiving dinner away from home. Yes, Cheez Wiz was the motivation behind a grouping that directly has over 800 members inward it. I likewise convey a motorbike license.

10) And finally, what advice would yous laissez passer on mortal who is close to movement here?
Be prepared for the ups together with downs of beingness an expat. Not every solar daytime is going to go filled alongside rainbows together with unicorns. But brand the most of it because earlier yous know it your assignment hither volition go over. 


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