Singapore tourism map: Non The Cheapest Dates...

"Why can't nosotros accept 2 pizzas?"

Hmmm, because we're at Raffles Hotel...and the royalties haven't kicked inwards yet?
These kids are e'er hungry. And at the almost inconvenient times. Fifteen minutes earlier uncle Julian's pianoforte concert at Raffles, seriously? Maybe it simply seems that way, straight off that they've started their 3 calendar week schoolhouse holiday. I purposely give them a huge, slow breakfast explaining the concept of brunch, alone to postulate heed Alexander enquire (as he eats his 3rd pancake in addition to sausage): "What are nosotros having for lunch?"
For those expats who are staying inwards Singapore during the holidays, i give-and-take of advice: proceed snacks handy on all outings. And, practise non become to the H2O ice skating at Ribena Bay Sands (how Eliot calls Marina Bay Sands). We discovered yesterday that they closed the H2O ice skating rink during the Christmas holidays...because that makes perfect sense. Here are roughly things you lot can do:
Good luck!


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