Singapore tourism map: On Cultural Integration

"7 is a skilful historic menses to be," past times Eliot (last 24-hour interval equally a 7yr old)
Lately, I've been asked a lot well-nigh the differences betwixt Singapore as well as Italy; as well as inwards particular, well-nigh cultural integration. As usual, it's the kids who accept the best answers.

1) Eliot, what create you lot mean value is the best matter well-nigh beingness an expat kid?
"I forgot, what does expat hateful again?"

2) What is the best matter well-nigh living inwards Singapore?
"My friends as well as my family."

3) What is Singapore like?
"It rains there."

4) What is Italia like?
"It snows there."

5) Have you lot seen the snowfall there?

6) Are the people dissimilar inwards Singapore compared to those inwards Italy?
"Yes. They article of apparel short-sleeves because it is hot. But inwards Italia they article of apparel long sleeves."

7) Do you lot create dissimilar things inwards Italia compared to Singapore?
"Yes. In Italy, I don't create swimming. In Singapore, I create swimming."

8) Finish this judgement to an Italian friend: You should come upwardly to Singapore because...
"Because it's fun, you lot tin flame accept a big pool, as well as at that topographic point are as well as hence much fun places to become Legoland inwards Malaysia."

9) Have you lot gone to Legoland inwards Malaysia? "No."

10) Finish this judgement to a Singaporean friend: You should come upwardly to Italia because...
"Because it's tin flame create materials as well as there's a beach. Verona is prissy because it snows as well as you lot tin flame encounter the mountains from there."

11) Do you lot prefer the nutrient inwards Italia or inwards Singapore?
"In Singapore because they accept curry noodles."

12) And finally, is it easier to live Italian or Singaporean?
"Singaporean, because you lot larn to utter English."


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