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Black Swan of Singapore
Remember the psychological thriller Black Swan, starring oscar winner Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, as well as Vincent Cassel? Who knew yous could notice that much intrigue, jealousy, as well as ambition inwards a ballet company? Calogero Failla, that's who. Over java yesterday, I had a chat amongst this Italian export who is straightaway a professional person dancer at the Singapore Dance Theater. Failla, who has travelled the basis for his art, left dwelling identify at only fifteen. And if he had to create it over again? He would leave of absence at nine.
Here are my 10 questions to an expat (edited version), for the unedited you'll create got to aspect for the book!

1) So Calogero, how long create got yous lived inwards Singapore?
Six months.

2) Where are yous from originally?
Ragusa, Sicily.

3) What brought yous here?
Ballet. I don't go for tourism, solely for work.

4) What create yous create inwards your spare time?
I don't similar to leave of absence drinking or to discos...I similar to sit down inwards a cafe' as well as write. Poems as well as stories.

5) What create yous similar almost Singapore?
People are quite reserved here. Although, sometimes they are besides detached. The pas de deux is similar making takes 2 people. Otherwise it doesn't work. Ballet may belong to everybody but it is non for everybody.

6) Interesting. So what create yous similar least?
The conditions as well as the food.

7) Never leave of absence the identify without?
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 notebook as well as a pen.

8) Best weekend trip?
I normally guide identify weekends. The daily government of a dancer is real tough. If nosotros create got no shows on the weekend as well as are non on tour, I normally only accept it easy.

9) Interesting fact people don't know almost you?
I know how to cook. My specialty is pasta amongst ruddy pesto. I volition create got to larn far for yous i day.

10) Gladly. So what advice would yous laissez passer on mortal who is almost to motion here?
Go back. Just kidding. But seriously, it depends on what yous desire to create here. Asia is non for everybody.

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