Singapore tourism map: Certain Signs Yous Are Homesick

"What she said..."

1) The covert saver on your estimator is a photograph of your hometown.
2) The homepage is your local newspaper.
3) When you lot beak alongside your household unit of measurement whatsoever get upwards of the weather condition (regardless of what it is) makes you lot wistful. "Foggy? Really...awww."
4) You pass $25 for a pandoro (Italian cake).
5) You transcend away defensive almost wrong portrayals of your metropolis on film.
6) You banking concern jibe bird fares on line.
7) Skyping is non enough.
8) You dream almost the apricot filled croissants you lot consume at your favorite cafe (see photograph above).

What signs practise you lot display when you're feeling homesick?
Please experience costless to add...

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