Singapore tourism map: Carnegie Hall-Are Babies Allowed?

"What's a babe got to create to larn dinner roughly here?"

My footling blood brother Julian is almost to perish a Dad for the kickoff time. Very exciting! The exclusively grab is that inwards the same calendar week the babe is due, he is too scheduled to play a concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City. The fact that he is currently living thousands of miles away inwards Athens, Hellenic Republic alongside mom-to-be Elektra adds to the suspense. Will our immature hero brand it?
While some Dads are stepping exterior the delivery room for a quick cigarette, Julian mightiness literally locomote saying: "Honey, it's but a quick transatlantic flight. I'll locomote dorsum inwards no time. You but proceed pushing."

I actually wanted to write a useful spider web log for the kickoff fourth dimension parents... peradventure on things I wishing I had known earlier having a babe ("What? They consume at night? That's ridiculous.") Or on things that seemed similar a proficient stance earlier but actually weren't later on (i.e. the jogger stroller). If you're non a jogger to commence alongside it's highly unlikely you're going to all of a precipitous start jogging.  I was lucky if I could proceed my eyes open. I'll salve that for some other blog.
But I create wishing I were Athens, at Carnegie, together with most importantly exterior the delivery room. Like yous were, Jules, when yous whispered correct after Alexander was born: "Jen, he's actually cute."

Exciting update: Baby Nikita was born yesterday. 3.3 kgs of cuteness. Mother together with babe doing well!


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