Singapore tourism map: Selling Similar Hotcakes At Kinokuniya!!

"Who said there's null skillful to read on buses?"

Quick update from the bookstore: It has been restocked!!

" sold out inwards its starting fourth dimension calendar week at Kinokuniya." Not fifty-fifty remotely what I was expecting would laissez passer on off 7 months ago, when I sat inwards front end of a tabular array sum of post-its, wondering just how many words brand upwards a book.
Not to cite its inauspicious placement on mass shelves inwards to a greater extent than or less of the other bookstores, discussed here:
I may convey dreamed of beingness adjacent to "Rich Dad, Poor Dad,"  but business? Really?

So a really big give cheers you lot to all of you lot who took the plunge together with went out together with bought the book! I am loving your feedback. Especially when it contains the words: 'hilarious,' 'can't set it down', 'kids are making their ain dinner tonight'. On the other hand, if it made you lot postulate to share. Not aiming for the Pulitzer hither (obviously). One calendar week ago, I was but hoping Eliot together with her cousin Luca pictured above, wouldn't live on the exclusively readers :)

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