Singapore tourism map: Boys Birthday Parties: Live On Prepared

"Who needs cups...when y'all stimulate got a frozen slushy?"

If y'all are a bring upward at an all boys birthday political party y'all genuinely ask to survive prepared:

1) Be prepared to not relax.
2) Be prepared to ask the vino y'all brought for the other moms.
3) Be prepared to swallow almost of the chips y'all allegedly let on for the boys.
4) Be prepared to pass almost of the political party on the border of your chair when i kid suggests: "Let's stimulate got a jumping competition...from the high wall direct into the puddle below."
5) Be prepared to wonder why y'all agreed to a boys solely party. H5N1 5 hr one.
6) Be prepared to remove heed lots of laughing if the pizzeria y'all stimulate got them to has the give-and-take "Virgin" inwards it.
7) Be prepared to explicate to a mom in that place is genuinely no ask for the ii dozen eggs she kindly brought for the egg flinging contest (nice one, Alexander).
8) Be prepared for lots of wrestling. That's non fighting... that's genuinely the means boys play.
9) Be prepared amongst an H2O ice bag, band aids, in addition to a fair sum of diplomatic maneuvering.
10) Be prepared to remove heed the words: skill, fail, in addition to epic...a lot.
11) Be prepared to stimulate got a surefire hitting if y'all hire the slushie machine your boy ever dreamed of. And don't await surprised, when the rattling helpful rep informs y'all it makes over 120 slushies. There may solely survive 12 boys exactly in that place are fifty-fifty to a greater extent than unsuspecting, dry out necks.

Happy twelfth Birthday, Alexander!

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