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"Mommy, yous are way prettier than Cruella De Vil."

Wow, thanks. Way prettier than Cruella De Vil...that's awesome.
Just thus yous know, kid, that's non just the type of compliment I was aiming for. Nor is it going to aid yous larn a novel puppy. I don't attention how cute those dalmatians look.
But possibly I'm also sensitive. To be way prettier than Cruella de Vil, is actually non thus bad.
Especially considering that only moments earlier Eliot was bespeak me: "Mommy, are yous Santa?" (I encounter why Eliot powerfulness move thinking of Christmas, it existence 100 degrees as well as all.)

At first, similar all cunning parents all of a abrupt faced amongst a child's uncertainty most the human being inwards red, I panic. I approximate it had to tumble out 1 day, but she's solely seven. What was it that gave me away? Did she detect her old Dear Santa letters stashed away at the bottom of my closet...was it something I said?
Why create yous ask?
"Well, Mommy, it's only that I never larn what I want."
Now, hold off a infinitesimal here. You intend I'm Santa because yous don't larn what yous want. Seriously, who needs enemies when yous accept kids? This could move my lowest betoken every bit a rear (no, I'm non counting the fourth dimension she got lost on an island).

"Last summertime I saw a pump locket inwards a shop inwards Verona thus I pose it on my listing to Santa but never got it. I know Santa would accept only gotten it for me because he could wing at that spot as well as thus come upward dorsum as well as pose it nether our tree hither inwards Singapore. But yous can't only wing dorsum as well as you're Santa, right?"

Is this a fox question? Do yous accept whatever persuasion how many air miles Santa has?


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