Thingstodoinsingapore; Foreo Luna Mini Two Vs Foreo Play Addition

My life changed when I discovered Foreo.

Prior to Foreo, I used my hands in addition to diverse brushes that would eventually larn mouldy to build clean my face. My pores were ever clogged in addition to I could non reach that deep cleanse.
When Foreo start came into my life, I didn't mean value I would go along to work it only because I'm a animal of habit in addition to I am lazy. Little did I know, I own got forthwith been using my Foreo every unmarried twenty-four hr menstruum for almost a year.

As a beauty blogger, it is hard to work the same production on a daily footing for a prolonged menstruum of fourth dimension because at that spot are in addition to then many dissimilar products to try. But later using Foreo for 340 days I mean value it's security for me to formally recommend it.

There are many versions of Foreo cleansing devices, in addition to then today I desire to beak close the divergence betwixt Foreo's satelite Mini 2 in addition to Foreo Play Plus. I consider these 2 every bit the most pop selections from their cleansing range.

  • T-Sonic Pulsations are diffused through soft silicone touching points to take 99.5% of impurities
  • 2 zone seem upward brush - the pocket-sized brushes are designed for to a greater extent than sensitive areas in addition to the bigger brushes are designed for a deeper cleanse such every bit your T-Zone
  • Battery Operated, replaceable AAA battery that tin give notice final around 400 uses. This is dandy because the satelite Play is non chargable. You may need a pocket-sized screw driver handy to supersede the battery though.
  • Available inward 7 vibrant colours
  • 64 x 60mm - Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 go friendly size, I would accept my Play Plus on vacations in addition to would in all likelihood go out my Mini 2 at home. 
  • Price signal is at $75AUD 

  • T-Sonic Pulsations every bit per satelite Play Plus
  • 8 Adjustable intensities yesteryear pressing the +/- buttons, yous tin give notice bring  the sonic vibration to a existent wearisome manner or a to a greater extent than intense in addition to rapid mode. 
  • 3 zone seem upward brush. You volition notice that the brush at the tip of the device is larger than the residuum of the surface area. The dorsum of the foreo (where the charger plugs in) is dissimilar i time to a greater extent than in addition to much larger for thicker  touching points in addition to a deeper cleanse. I personally similar to work the brushes attached to the forepart of the device for most of my face.
  • Easy to Charge via a USB cable
  • Available in 6 shades
  • Price signal is at $219, it is an investment, but I personally mean value it's worth it

  • BIG VS SMALL - Think close whether yous volition live on using this predominantly at dwelling solid or whilst traveling. If yous go a lot, are yous willing to accept a slightly bigger Foreo amongst it's cable amongst you? Also consider that if yous are planning to work Foreo Play Plus at home, it may accept a trivial longer to build clean your seem upward because it is much smaller. However, it is extremely go friendly. 
  • ADJUSTABLE INTENSITIES - Is this of import to you? Do yous want to accommodate the stride of the pulsation? I personally pose mine on rapid in addition to rarely ever work the slower pace. 
  • 2 ZONES VS three ZONES - There is a large surface expanse on the dorsum of Foreo satelite Mini for that DEEP cleanse, whereas the Play Plus posses a few row of bigger brushes. Is this of import for you? For me, I genuinely rarely work the bigger brushes, I generally detect it awkward to work the bigger brushes on the dorsum of the Mini 2 on my brow due to the curved shape of the device. 
  • BATTERY VS USB CHARGER - Personally, this i solitary would impact what I chose to purchase. I am for a device that tin give notice live on charged yesteryear USB all the way, I am exceptionally lazy when it comes to battery operated products, to a greater extent than than often, i time the battery dies I would halt using it. 
  • PRICE POINTS - $219 is quite steep, it is an investment. $75 is to a greater extent than affordable. However consider the points above.
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