Gong Cha Alisan Tea

I got a really overnice process subsequently tiffin today. One of my colleagues wanted to possess got about potable from Gong Cha, thus nosotros went in that place subsequently having our lunch. This fourth dimension I tried the Gong Cha Alisan Tea, which is a delicious choice, I must say. It's Alisan tea mixed amongst H2O ice as well as frothy milk on top. I noticed there's equally good a dash of Alisan tea pulverization on pinnacle of the heavenly milk. Which, past times the way, tasted great! I liked the gustation as well as texture, add together to that the perfect, chewy pearls.

Unfortunately, I was unable to accept a motion painting of the potable because I consumed it all earlier I fifty-fifty idea of having a picture. One of my colleague equally good told me that he ever lodge Gong Cha Alisan Tea everytime he buys on Gong Cha. So it's that good!

If you lot concur amongst me, thus press Enter. If not, press as well as handgrip Alt thus F4. ^_^

Kidding aside, permit me know your thoughts well-nigh the Gong Cha Alisan tea inward the comment board. Don't forget to position your mention earlier pressing Post inward the comment thus I don't possess got to telephone holler upward you lot Anonymous1 or Anonymous2, mmkay?
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