Singaporetourismmap: The Maritime Experiential Museum & S.E.A. Aquarium

I went over to Sentosa lately for what must live on the commencement fourth dimension inwards in all likelihood a year, specifically to become to the S.E.A. Aquarium.  We were originally going to become a few weeks agone but hadn't realised this coincided amongst schoolhouse holidays in addition to every bit a number the queues to acquire over to Sentosa (and I imagine to brand it whatever of the attractions) were mental.  so nosotros hastily changed our minds that time.  This fourth dimension though nosotros had to a greater extent than luck in addition to made it over in addition to inwards to the aquarium.

We genuinely began our see at the adjoining Maritime Experiential Museum in addition to got a ticket for entry to both attractions.  I assume though you lot tin purchase tickets for them individually if you lot would rather.  To live on honest though I intend it is good worth combining them in addition to seeing both attractions at the same time.

The maritime museum is the alone i inwards Singapore devoted purely to Asia's maritime history in addition to Singapore's every bit an of import trading post.  The museum takes you lot through the onetime silk trading routes in addition to gives you lot the chance to larn almost in addition to abide by the diverse items that were traded too every bit encounter artefacts from shipwrecks.  Also on display are replicas of diverse historic ships used on the trading routes roughly Asia including a Chinese Fuchuan Junk; Indonesian Borobudur; Indian Dhow; South PRC Sea Vessel in addition to a Javanese Jong.  A thoroughly interesting hold off at this business office of history.

After exploring the museum nosotros ventured into the aquarium.  When I came to see Singapore for 2 weeks when my hubby commencement moved hither I went to the Underwater World on Sentosa in addition to although I enjoyed it I shout out back non just existence blown away yesteryear it either.  The S.E.A. Aquarium is on a completely unlike scale though in addition to is amazing yesteryear comparison!

It is billed every bit the world's largest aquarium in addition to it has a fabulous array of to a greater extent than than 8 hundred species of marine life inside it.  This includes jelly fish, sharks, rays, moray eels in addition to many species of beautifully coloured tropical fish.

As you lot walk roughly the displays you lot are taken on a journeying through many of the world's seas in addition to oceans in addition to the habitats the marine life alive in.  This includes exploring the Straits of Malacca in addition to the Andaman Sea, the Bay of Bengal, the Red Sea in addition to many others.  Perhaps the most amazing business office (for me at least) was the Open Ocean section.  You tin encounter inwards the 2 photos below simply how large this business office is in addition to hither you lot tin spotter leopard sharks, goliath groupers, saw fish, mahi mahi in addition to manta rays.  What helps to emphasise fifty-fifty to a greater extent than the gracefulness of these fish is the classical music gently playing inwards the background.  I could lead keep happily watched the fish hither for hours.  I acknowledge to lead keep fallen a trivial fight inwards beloved amongst this place.

It's a fantastic solar daytime out in addition to I don't intend you lot tin neglect to live on awed yesteryear seeing upwards unopen the marine life that lives inwards our seas in addition to oceans.  If you lot haven't however managed to become in addition to encounter it I'd recommend you lot create soon!


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