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This is our starting fourth dimension Christmas amongst our novel edition, George together with man child produce nosotros know we've got him now.  I grew upward amongst cats but until straightaway none of those cats (even as kittens) always took the slightest involvement inwards our Christmas tree or the decorations.  I form of guessed George mightiness hold out dissimilar only because of his fascination amongst everything together with I was right.  Let's pose it this agency - he is obsessed amongst the tree!

We genuinely direct hold 2 trees, our principal large 1 together with a real petty one.  Even though our condo is in all likelihood non genuinely large plenty for both I'm such a Christmas fan I can't assist but larn both of them out.  I decorated the modest 1 starting fourth dimension together with as presently as I did it George decided this was worth dive bombing repeatedly.  It is alone modest thus real slowly to topple over.  The alone saving grace beingness that it's as no number to stand upward it upward 1 time to a greater extent than together with supplant whatever fallen baubles.

I together with then got the bigger 1 out together with as presently as I'd pose it upward (even earlier whatever decorations were on it) he was, as I suspected he might, climbing it repeatedly.  Initially nosotros pose it inwards the spot we've pose  this tree for the past 2 Christmases inwards Singapore but I speedily realised in that location were lots of launch pads for an inquisitive kitten to restrict from on to the tree thus decided it needed to hold out moved.  Unfortunately our condo isn't massive thus this together with then presented the occupation of where nosotros should motility it to.  If yous produce whatever Internet searches on making a tree kitten/cat proof it suggests placing the tree somewhere amongst plenty of infinite around it, thus they can't restrict on it.  That's fine inwards many homes inwards the UK, for example, that direct hold plenty of infinite but over hither those form of options are express inwards most condos.  The other proposition is to direct hold it somewhere amongst a door that tin hold out close to hold the truthful cat out when needed.  Again non thus slowly hither when our living room is our principal living area.  I similar to encounter the tree thus putting it inwards 1 of the other rooms is totally impractical for me.  In  the terminate my hubby suggested nosotros pose it on the reverse side of the room to where it ordinarily is which doesn't direct hold as many launch pads (not that this has stopped him) for him to restrict from.

So I moved the tree together with began attempting to decorate it.  This was only also exciting for George who proceeded to climb upward together with downwardly it repeatedly, bashing all the decorations off as fast as I was putting them on.  I gave upward together with inwards a gibe of annoyance decided nosotros couldn't direct hold a large tree upward this twelvemonth together with would only direct hold to brand produce amongst the petty 1 together with a few other bits around.  After I'd calmed downwardly though (and taken everything down) I decided to give it some other shot together with essay 1 time to a greater extent than amongst the tree.

I'd read on the Internet that spraying the tree amongst citrus spray together with putting orangish pare around the bottom of it was a skillful agency to hold cats away as they dislike the smell.  I was a petty sceptical nearly whether it would travel as, for example, all cats are meant to larn mad for catnip but none of ours (including George) direct hold always shown the slightest involvement inwards it.  Anyhow I got some spray together with gave it a larn and, as I suspected, it didn't work!  The photograph below was genuinely taken shortly afterwards spraying the tree together with as yous tin encounter he is happily climbing it again.

Yep that's him caught upward the tree!

This fourth dimension though together with despite his constant climbing I was determined to persevere.  Weirdly as I started decorating the tree together with was putting the lights on George didn't plough a pilus together with made no essay to bother me or climb it.  I genuinely started to wonder what he was plotting together with certain plenty it wasn't long earlier he started climbing it again.  As a number of other commitments I together with then had to expect a solar daytime or thus earlier I could complete decorating the remainder of the tree together with inwards that fourth dimension he climbed it a few times but thankfully didn't grapple to describe it over.  I was convinced I was going to come upward dwelling line of piece of work solid together with notice a tree sprawled on the floor.

When it came to finishing the decorations I'd already decided that alone those amongst no sentimental value or that were non easily breakable would larn on the tree.  Instead the exceptional ones direct hold been placed inwards other spots beyond his reach.  Of course of education he insisted on 'helping me' as I tried to decorate which resulted inwards me having to pose him briefly inwards some other room thus I could complete it inwards peace.  Since I finished decorating it he has climbed the tree countless times, knocked baubles off together with also managed to ensure that 2 sets of lights straightaway don't work.  I can't seem upward taking them off 1 time to a greater extent than to essay together with notice the unloosen connector thus I'm afraid they'll direct hold to expect straightaway until I accept the decorations down.  I promise that mayhap past times adjacent twelvemonth he'll direct hold calmed downwardly only a petty bit!


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