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On Sabbatum eve Sairozi arrived dorsum inward Singapore as well as since he was exclusively going to remain hither for 4 days, nosotros had to crush every bit many activities into those 4 days every bit possible. It started on Lord's Day morn when nosotros went to Sentosa. Going at that topographic point is actually simple. We exclusively had to cause got the MRT to Harbour Front Station as well as from at that topographic point cause got the tram (3.5 SGD) to the island. Sentosa is located just  due south of Singapore as well as it felt similar Disneyland. The Universal Studios Singapore as well as many other sights tin live on visited there, but nosotros decided to pass the twenty-four hr stream at the beach. First nosotros went to Palawan beach, which was actually beautiful as well as non also crowded. There is a minor isle at Palawan which is the southernmost request of mainland Asia, then nosotros definitely had to depository fiscal establishment jibe it out.
Palawan Beach
At the beach
On the means to the southernmost request of mainland Asia
After relaxing at Palawan beach nosotros moved to Siloso beach which was exclusively a 10 infinitesimal walk away. It seemed similar a political party beach alongside music as well as to a greater extent than people. Personally I preferred Palawan though. We also went swimming, but I'm non then certain nigh the H2O quality. The isle is correct adjacent to Singapore's huge harbour as well as fifty-fifty though Singapore is super clean, I can't country the same nigh the ships from it's neighbouring province Indonesia. But perchance I'm only spoiled later spending also much fourth dimension inward Thailand's crystal clear Andaman Sea.

Siloso Beach
On the means dorsum from Sentosa nosotros had a fiddling photograph session at the Merlion, Singapore's tourist symbol. It's one-half king of beasts as well as one-half mermaid as well as at that topographic point are statues of the Merlion all over Singapore. I've read that the ane inward Sentosa is the biggest ane as well as you lot tin fifty-fifty larn on overstep of it.

The Merlion at Sentosa
Spending fourth dimension at the beach left us actually hungry, then I suggested to cause got dinner at a hawker optic at Esplanade. The nutrient was affordable as well as nosotros had an amazing thought over Marina Bay. Sleepy but happy nosotros returned home, displace the adjacent twenty-four hr stream I had to larn dorsum to work.

Scenic dinner at Esplanade

On Mon I was able to locomote out a fiddling before than normally then Sairozi as well as I had plenty fourth dimension to larn to the MacRitchie Nature Reserve. Luckliy it's located correct adjacent to my workplace at Marymount MRT then nosotros could walk there. The lake at that topographic point looked only amazing as well as nosotros saw lot's of monkeys piece nosotros walked through the jungle. It didn't experience similar nosotros were nonetheless inward Singapore. After a 45 infinitesimal walk nosotros reached the canopy walk, but since it's unopen on mondays as well as later 5pm nosotros didn't larn to produce it.... perchance adjacent time!

MacRitchie Nature Reserve
On Tuesday our sightseeing tour brouht us to Lau Pa Sat, a famous hawker optic to a greater extent than or less Raffles Place MRT. Unfortunately I forgot which MRT station nosotros had to larn off as well as it took us to a greater extent than than thirty minutes to notice the place. But the nutrient was definitely worth it. I had the most delicious Republic of Indonesia Gado-Gado ever!

Tired as well as hungry at Lau Pa Sat
Afterwards nosotros walked to Gardens past times the Bay, which is correct behind Marina Bay Sand (Bayfront MRT station). This was ane of my personal highlights! These crazy Singaporeans built heaps of mega-trees at that topographic point as well as when nosotros walked past times them nosotros felt similar inward the pic "Avatar". It was super romantic as well as only incredible! I wished I had ane of those fancy cameras to cause got amend pictures of it, but fifty-fifty alongside our low-cost cam ane tin imagine how peachy it looked.


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