Singaporedestinationsmap: Missy Universe 2018

Miss Australian-Filipino wins Miss Universe 2018

1. Miss Philippines Catriona Gray
2. Miss S Africa Tamaryn Green
3. Miss Venezuela Sthefany Gutiérrez
4. Miss Puerto Rico Kiara Ortega
5. Miss Vietnam H'Hen Niê
6. Miss Canada Marta Stepien 
7.  Miss Republic of Costa Rica Natalia Carvajal
8. Miss Curacao Akisha Albert
9. Miss Nepal Manita Devkota
10. Miss Thailand Sophida Kanchanarin
11. Miss Commonwealth of Australia Francesca Hung


Over the pageant’s 67-year history, Bangkok has hosted MISS UNIVERSE® inwards 1992 as well as 2005, amongst representatives of Thailand too capturing the crown twice inwards 1965 as well as 1988. This year, TPN 2018 Co. volition host the 2018 MISS UNIVERSE® as well as back upwards inwards organizing the contender inwards Thailand.

Bangkok, Thailand - Known for tropical beaches as well as pristine islands, sprawling metropolitan as well as lavish imperial palaces, ancient ruins as well as lavish temples, Thailand’s colorful history, as well as unique civilisation is dwelling trouble solid to 1 of Miss Universe’s close passionate fan bases. Bangkok, the country’s close populous uppercase city, is 1 of the close pop international tourist destinations. Bangkok as well as the province of Thailand volition host the Miss Universe representatives who volition too accept the chance to go throughout the province as well as sense dissimilar “Go Local” points of interest.

You tin sentinel the three-hour LIVE trial Sunday, Dec 16that 7:00 PM ET on FOX (US). Guess who’s back? Five-time EMMY® award-winner Steve Harvey is develop to host on the global stage.

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Dress worn past times Miss Universe entrant baffles Singapore
MUS 2018 Zahra Khanum's costume features a digital impress of a handshake - 1 arm features the North Korean flag & the other the American flag, over the Singapore skyline

On June 12, President Trump held a summit amongst North Korea’s Kim Jong Un inwards Singapore. The coming together — the starting fourth dimension betwixt the ii countries’ heads of province — was honored earlier it fifty-fifty happened amongst a commemorative money for sale inwards the White House Gift Shop (current price: $100).

Now, the trial volition go commemorated 1 time again — when Singapore’s entrant inwards the 2018 Miss Universe pageant side past times side calendar month wears a wearing clothing bearing a giant digital icon of Trump as well as Kim shaking hands.

Zahra Khanum, 24, volition demonstrate off the wearing clothing at the contender (which, incidentally, was owned past times Trump betwixt 1996 as well as 2015) inwards Bangkok on Dec. 17. Speaking to Singapore’s New Paper, Khanum said the wearing clothing “represents something nosotros all need, which is to promote a sense of unity as well as friendship, rather than hate as well as anger.”

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A expect at simply about past times Miss Universe Singapore national costumes: Which is your favourite?
MUS 2017 Manuela Bruntraeger's costume features 25 meters of LED lights & the Supertrees at Gardens past times the Bay

Miss Universe Singapore 2016 Cheryl Chou's costume, inspired past times Peranakan weddings & the headpiece

Miss Universe Singapore 2015 Lisa Marie White's ethnic headdress, inspired past times the sanggul worn past times Malay brides

Miss Singapore 2014 Rathi Menon's national costume inspired past times the glitzy gilt stars & crescent of our national flag

MUS 2013 Shi Lim's National costume inspired past times our national flower Vanda Miss Joaquim & the Merlion

Miss Universe Singapore 2012, Lynn Tan

Ms Singapore Universe 2011 Valerie Lim wearing a Peranakan wedding gown called the kuah

MUS 2010 Tania Lim wears a argent gown inspired past times Singapore's urban landscape but the trial is mutual frigidity & dull

Miss Singapore 2009 Rachel Kum inwards simply about other orchid-inspired creation, the Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’,

Miss Universe Singapore 2008, Shenise Wong depicting Singapore’s national symbols, The Merlion

MUS 2007, Jessica Tan with sanggul inwards her hair, cheongsam neckline, kebaya-style wearing clothing & sari silhouette

Miss Universe Singapore 2006, Carol Cheong

Miss Universe Singapore 2005, Cheryl Tay

Miss Universe Singapore 2004, Sandy Chua

Miss Universe Singapore 2003, Bernice Wong

Miss Universe Singapore 2002, Nuraliza Osman

Miss Universe Singapore 2001, Jamie Teo

Miss Universe Singapore 2000, Eunice Olsen


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