Singaporedestinationsmap: Catering College Students Restaurants Offers 2 For I Meals Inwards Singapore

Shatec is a privately owned catering college inwards Singapore which trains would-be chefs too others aspiring to operate inwards the catering too hotel administration businesses.

The Students
H5N1 miss who lives close my household unit of measurement got talking to me on the educate into town. She is a educatee at the college. The assort she is taking lasts over a yr only nether 2 years. Where does the assort Pb you?
"I desire to live a chef!" she enthuses, her grin doubling, her eyes lighting up.

Catering College Meals Offer
The college is currently (April 2019) running a promotional offer. Buy 2 meals inwards their eating seat too you lot larn the lower priced exceptional free. this offering runs until mid-summer, June 28th.

Assumption Pathway School Value Meals
Another chance to endeavour a moderately priced iii assort repast too help out the students is close Cashew MRT. During term time, students serve a iii assort prepare carte for lunch. You tin unremarkably detect some reasonably priced pocket-size cakes to accept domicile sold past times the cash desk when you lot larn to pay. Must book.

The aspect staff are sometimes nervous. The nutrient is grander than the pleasant, light, airy surroundings. I idea the meals were dandy value too beautifully presented.

You volition detect many catering colleges around the globe offering something similar.

Useful Websites
Sapling Restaurant At Shatec

Art at Assumption Pathway School
Near Cashew MRT, almost contrary go out past times the lift.


Angela Lansbury, locomote author too photographer, author too speaker.


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