Singapore Tourism Map : Universal Studios , The Basis Of Unending Fun & Adventure

Enter into the globe of immense pleasure, thrilling rides, cutting border technology, in addition to slap-up amusement amongst Universal Studios . Located on the Sentosa Island, the Universal studio comprises Seven Zones namely Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far-Far Away, in addition to Madagascar. The studio also hosts Hollywood Dreams Parade where yous tin grab glimpse in addition to possess got fun amongst your favorite movies characters on beautiful & decorated floats. Also, lined upward for yous hither is Lake Hollywood Spectacular, an amazing fireworks exhibit that outburst correct across the heaven inward front end of you. The famous 7 zones hither are described below:


The Hollywood avenue comprises palm trees, magnificent architecture, Walk of Fame, in addition to many to a greater extent than fun-filled opportunities that volition drag yous to the middle of amusement world. You tin bask monster stone shows, firework shows, trip the lite fantastic performances, slap-up shopping experience in addition to relish simply about toothsome delicacies & drinks. The Hollywood walk of fame offers an chance to run across simply about of your favorite characters similar Marilyn Monroe, Minions from DESPICABLE ME, Woody Woodpecker in addition to many more.

New York

The New York zone is totally a breathtaking house to check-out. With its classic landmarks in addition to sidewalks, this zone gives the feeling of beingness inward New York itself. The skylines, facades, neon lights, in addition to slap-up aura surprise every visitor. It offers simply about slap-up phase shows, rides, street shows past times B-Boyin artists, in addition to characters from Sesame Street show. Moreover, yous tin also bask simply about slap-up dining options or tin become far to a greater extent than memorable in addition to bask breakfast amongst the Elmo in addition to Friends, from Sesame Street Show.

Sci-Fi City

Enter into the futurity at the Sci-Fi metropolis in addition to experience simply about amazing highlights waiting inward hither simply for you.  The zone offers accelerator ride in addition to ultimate 3-battle amongst transformer ride. You tin also run across & greet people from space, possess got a snap amongst your favorite autobots, bask dining, in addition to a slap-up shopping spree.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Arab Republic of Egypt takes yous to the times of the Pharaohs, into the Egyptian legacy. Here yous tin bask breathtaking roller coaster ride contrary warrior mummies & scarab beetles, arrive at inward to earthworks sites, run across the Egyptian royals & regular army of Anubis, relish authentic Egyptian-themed buffeteria, in addition to store inward replicas of fossils & historical artifacts.

The Lost World

The Lost globe comprises 2 themed areas the Jurassic Park in addition to Water World. Some famous highlights hither are amber stone climb, Canopy Flyer, Dino-Soarin, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, dining expanse in addition to shopping zone. So larn cook to run across simply about prehistoric gigantic creatures, bask thrilling H2O stunts in addition to purse inward simply about prehistoric replicas.

Far Far Away

Far-Far Away is a fairy tale experience for every visitor. Here yous tin bask Shrek 4-D Adventure shows, bring together inward Shrek’s pal Donkey inward his alive exhibit in addition to sing along,  visit the Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop inward a ferris wheel, bask a roller coaster ride over far-far away, run across your favorite characters from the kingdom, in addition to relish simply about yummy snacks. Also awaiting for yous is the shopping expanse amongst exciting merchandise, games, in addition to toys from Shrek’s World.


Inspired past times the hitting animation movie, Madagascar, this zone promises slap-up fun amongst its dense tropical jungle amongst rare & wonderful animals, dining area, in addition to shopping zone. This zone offers a boat ride amongst the Alex, Marty, Melman in addition to Gloria. Also, yous tin run across other characters from Republic of Madagascar every bit good every bit bask carousel ride amongst King Julien & other characters.

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