Singapore Tourism Map : Iceland Road I Alongside Sigur Rós

As nosotros accept already mentioned inwards previous posts, it was the music of Sigur Rós too their videos that awakened our curiosity for Iceland, a curiosity that evolved until nosotros made our trip through its magnificent landscapes.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 few days later our trip, at the summertime solstice of 2016, the Sigur Rós hosted a 24-hour alive broadcast on Icelandic populace television, which consisted of a "slow tv" present inwards which a machine made Route One during the 24 Times of Day.
This trip, amongst 1332km but about the whole Iceland, was transmitted alive on Republic of Iceland National TV too on Youtube, making purpose of 4k 360º cameras. It is possible to run into ordinarily on a estimator screen, tablet or TV, but what nosotros recommend is to brand purpose of Google Cardboard Virtual Reality too your smartphone, too experience equally if yous are exploring the idyllic landscapes of Iceland.

To brand the experience fifty-fifty to a greater extent than fantastic, it's all performed to the audio of Sigur Rós, amongst the transformation of a band's music. As Republic of Iceland lies correct on the border of the Arctic Circle, on that hateful solar daytime the black nighttime does non fifty-fifty exist's, too therefore the experience is fifty-fifty to a greater extent than great. It's a corking means for anyone who, similar us, has already visited Republic of Iceland too wants to "visit" over again or, for anyone planning their trip, to larn a starting fourth dimension movie of what their trip volition move along Route One, a perfect finish for a solid unit of measurement trip whit your childrens.

You tin run into all the videos here:

We promise yous similar it too therefore much equally nosotros did. If yous desire to abide by to a greater extent than almost our solid unit of measurement trip on Route One inwards Iceland, see it here.


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