Singapore Tourism Map : How To Become From Wat Pho (Temple Of The Reclining Buddha) To Wat Arun (Temple Of The Dawn)

As nosotros had mentioned inwards the postal service on our outset twenty-four hours inwards Bangkok (you tin encounter our itinerary hither to catch Bangkok on a identify unit of measurement trip), nosotros visited ii of the most famous attractions of the city, namely Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha) to Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn).

Although these attractions are really close, they are separated yesteryear the Chao Praya River, in addition to for those who larn inwards at that spot for the outset time, this may non endure an slowly crossing.

However, amongst the right information, yous volition encounter that is quick in addition to slowly to go, in addition to really fun for those who go amongst children, because it is rare for a children to don't similar to go yesteryear boat.

Therefore, nosotros would similar to percentage our experience, inwards the promise of helping you to brand this crossing quickly, for yous to brand the most of your fourth dimension inwards Bangkok  on your identify unit of measurement trip.


After yous exit of the Wat Pho Temple, to accomplish your novel destination, yous own got to own got a brusque walk to the Tha Tien Pier (Pier 8), (less than 200 meters distance).

You tin encounter hither on Google maps the path yous volition own got to take. Don't worry close finding yourself on a path total of commerce on both sides, it may appear impossible to endure on the agency to a dock, but that's the right way, you're on the right path if you're surrounded yesteryear vendors.
When yous larn inwards at the pier, yous volition notice on your right side a ticket office, inwards which yous must leave of absence 4 BAHT per someone (including children). If yous own got coin already changed, it makes the procedure easier, because yous volition encounter that everything happens really quickly.
After paying, yous may own got to expect a lilliputian (usually non a long time) to larn on your boat, but inwards front end of the ticket office

Although it is relatively safe, own got tending of the children at the fourth dimension of entry and, for people amongst reduced mobility in addition to if yous are taling your boy on a stroller, it may endure to a greater extent than hard to larn into the boat, in addition to hence endure careful.
The boat does non remain really long at the pier and, afterwards a few minutes to collect the passengers, volition embark on a quick trip (about v minutes) that volition own got yous across the river.

Wat Arun

After the brusque trip, every bit Wat Arun is but on your left side (entrance is 100 BAHT in addition to is opened upward daily from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.).


After visiting 1 of the most beautiful temples inwards Bangkok, to furnish to the other side of the river, but become dorsum to the identify where the boat left you  on your outset trip. Pay in 1 lawsuit again the 4 BAHT in addition to own got the boat, zip easier in addition to faster.

We promise this information helps yous to conception your identify unit of measurement trip to Bangkok, a perfect finish for a identify unit of measurement trip and, nosotros assure yous that this is a neat in addition to prophylactic agency to larn to Bangkok amongst your children’s.

If yous desire to depository fiscal establishment gibe our 2 twenty-four hours itinerary inwards Bangkok, you tin encounter here.

We volition endure waiting for your comments in addition to suggestions on our Non Stop Family - Travel Blog.


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