Singapore Tourism Map : Adept Vs Bad Experiences Onboard

I’m writing this weblog is to portion my experiences during my 1st yr shipboard grooming every bit a deck cadet. I joined shipping nether administration of BUMI ARMADA BERHAD. I choose completed to a greater extent than than 12 months bounding main time, inwards gild to hold our 3rd yr in addition to finished studies inwards ALAM. My experience inwards shipboard was memorable for me in addition to a lot of things I acquire from there.When the kickoff fourth dimension I embark the shipping I experience real excited in addition to at the same fourth dimension a piddling combat nervous but non because of I’m afraid this shipping is going to sink. I’m afraid what if I can’t produce all the tasks given but that volition non fade away my role for coming here. During onboard I got jeopardy to come across a lot of crew from dissimilar background in addition to nosotros were living similar family. In order  to brand certain ships functioning going real good in addition to nosotros were working every bit a team.
My kickoff shipping I joined was anchor treatment tug provide (AHTS) vessel.The vessel trades at Kikeh Oilfied at the Sarawak high seas to provide services such every bit carry supplies to in addition to from the offshore platform in addition to FPSO. I choose given jeopardy to maneuver the vessel inwards maintaining the tanker inwards set piece inwards static tow operation. It quite difficult for me for the kickoff fourth dimension because  need  to consider the bounding main motion similar electrical flow in addition to wave. For the kickoff fourth dimension I experienced bad conditions due to monsoon during my tenure onboard this ship. I got seasickness in addition to it was quite bad for me. I choose no appetite fifty-fifty the nutrient was actually expert for close i week. I’m non eat whatsoever seasickness tablet every bit my captain suggest only allow our trunk recover itself. Then later that everything only dorsum to normal.  

My end shipping was MV Armada Firman 2, accommodation workboat fitted alongside DP2. The vessel trades at Baronia oilfield at Sarawak high seas which provide offshore accommodation in addition to living facilities for personnel to in addition to from worksites, deck space, workshops for fabrication in addition to crane supply. I every bit good choose experienced fasting on board during holy ramadhan month. It was quite challenging every bit nosotros demand to travel difficult for the all the day. Then, nosotros performed Tarawikh prayers together onboard. I every bit good got jeopardy to celebrate "Hari Gawai" onboard which is an annual festival celebrated past times Dayak people inwards Sarawak. Many games conducted such every bit Ngajat Dance, blowpipe competitor  (sumpit), karaoke in addition to many to a greater extent than that convey the civilization of Gawai Dayak celebrations mode.

One of the best thing, I was real lucky to reckon the installation of novel topside platform at this oilfield. This functioning alone tin live done past times particular purposes for the topside operation.  This topside was delivered past times Xiang Rui Kou (XRK), semi-submersible vessels from Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korea. The vessel volition take the sea-fastening, de-ballasted in addition to maneuvered into the jacket (substructure) inwards DP mode. As shortly every bit the vessel is just inwards the right position, the vessel volition ballasts apace bringing the topside inwards contact alongside the jacket. When the topside already on hand of the jacket, alongside sufficient gap betwixt the vessel in addition to topside. Then the vessel volition maneuver out of the jacket. Within vii hours, i novel big platform established at this oilfield in addition to it was actually amazing.

Throughout my experience on board, the most happiest moments everyone of seafarers was when my holler came out inwards the listing of offsigning crew. I was in addition to therefore excited in addition to happy every bit I already completed my seatime in addition to of course of report celebrated Hari Raya alongside my family. The sign off feeling cannot described past times words later all the difficult fourth dimension I faced through out of 12 months on board ship. I’m coming abode in addition to expert to reckon my household unit of measurement again.


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