Singapore Tourism Map : Best Mode To Become From Don Mueang Airdrome (Dmk) To Khao San Road, Bangkok

Bangkok was allways a dream for us and, nosotros in conclusion nosotros had the oportunity exercise do it! So, nosotros did some plans and, i of the questions nosotros had was: "How to larn from Don Mueang Airport (DMK) to Khao San Road, Bangkok?".

And whay Khao San Road? For our solid unit of measurement trip to Bangkok, nosotros chose to remain inward Old Bangkok, every bit it was easier for us to access the Temples in addition to maximize our fourth dimension of stay. By foot, Grab Car or tuk tuk, nosotros forest live on unopen to the major acttractions. And, having made this choice, nosotros sought to come across how best way to larn from Don Mueang Airport to Khao San Road.

And this may non live on an slow business at get-go sight, because this airdrome is far from Bangkok (more than 25 kms from Khao San Road) in addition to when doing a get-go investigation through Google Maps on the best way to attain our finish yesteryear world transport, nosotros were scared yesteryear the times presented (about 2 hours travel).
Already several people had been referring to Bangkok has a huge metropolis amongst an oft chaotic traffic and, the persuasion of ​​staying 2 hours inward traffic later a long flying or direct keep to alter agency of transport, it was non at all the scenery to a greater extent than attractive, in addition to then nosotros considered the taxi, which would ever live on to a greater extent than expensive. The costs we've seen through our enquiry on the internet, from the airdrome to Khao San Road, it would live on something around 400 BAHT (something similar $ 12 USD or € 10). Allong amongst the meter, taxis add together a surcharge in addition to the tolls.

It was non an extremely expensive thing, but through our enquiry nosotros discovered something to a greater extent than budget friendly, namely the A4 bus, which nosotros highly recommend and, nosotros wanted to go yesteryear on our experience, to aid y'all organize your time to come solid unit of measurement trip.

Well, every bit nosotros had mentioned, nosotros discovered this bus, which is widely used yesteryear locals to attain their finish in addition to is real inexpensive in addition to extremely efficient. For fifty BAHT (less than $ 1.5 USD in addition to € 1.2), in that location is a double-decker (old but amongst air conditioning) that volition leave of absence y'all inward Khao San Road inward nigh xl minutes (in the 2 trips that nosotros made it was how long it travel) in addition to it volition live on a non bad feeling to explore the streets of Bangkok feeling has a local.

Despite beingness a double-decker amongst a few years, nosotros are obliged to state that nosotros experience perfectly rubber inward our solid unit of measurement trip, traveling amongst a kid inward this manner of transportation.

How to larn the A4 double-decker at Dom Mueang

So let's larn to what matters, that is, what y'all direct keep to exercise to larn on the bus.

One thing y'all direct keep to behavior inward heed is that inward gild to pay for the ticket y'all volition direct keep to brand it inward cash, namely inward BATH, in addition to then if y'all exercise non convey the local currency, nosotros advise y'all to telephone commutation coin at the airport, or operate an ATM machine. They are both slow to respect at the airport.  

As nosotros mentioned, the cost is fifty BAHT per individual but, inward the illustration of children, nosotros recollect that amongst to a greater extent than than 1m20 inward peak they pay inward amount and, lower, they exercise non pay. In our case, our boy happened both situations, pay in addition to non pay but, because the value was in addition to then low, nosotros did non aid when nosotros did it.

To larn to the orangish double-decker later landing (Bus A1, A2, A3 in addition to A4) y'all alone direct keep to follow the BUS directions when y'all are within the terminal, in addition to become to Exit 6.
When leaving, it volition non live on every bit good hard to respect the orangish buses (they are merely inward front end of the exit), in addition to each i of them presents a large poster amongst the indication A1, A2, A3 in addition to A4. Do non forget, for Khao San Road y'all volition grab the A4.
The A4 double-decker runs from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. in addition to normally it is non necessary to hold off every bit good long (in our case, never to a greater extent than than xx minutes)

As nosotros mentioned, tickets volition direct keep to live on bought inward cash in addition to exercise non worry nigh looking for where to purchase the ticket earlier y'all accept the bus. every bit it live on done within the bus. Shortly later the double-decker departs, an employee volition come upwards to y'all in addition to collect the fifty BATH of the tickets.

A4 Route Bus

After leaving the airport, the double-decker makes the next route:
- Don Mueang Airport
- Tollway
- Sirat Expressway
- Yommarat Lan
- Luang Phan Fa
- Democracy Monument
- Wat Bowonniwet
- Khao San Road
- Sanam Luang
Inside the double-decker in that location is no visual indication to betoken the adjacent station, but the ticket clerk tells y'all earlier arriving at the stop. However, merely to live on sure, tell him that y'all volition live on to Khao San Road and, earlier y'all larn there, y'all volition live on warned.
When y'all arrive, it volition non live on precisely the Khao San Road, but inward Chakrabongse Road, which is a few meters from your destination, every bit good every bit Rambuttri, some other nearby street also worth visiting, amongst several hotels, restaurants in addition to local market.

Travel duration

It is ever hard to give certainty nigh the duration of a trip within the metropolis of Bangkok but, every bit it is a trip that is performed yesteryear the motorway, it tends to live on much faster. In our case, it never took longer than 40 minutes.

Return to Don Mueang Airport (DMK) on A4 Bus

As for return, in that location is non much to say. The cost is the same, the frequency of the buses is identical but, nosotros could non neglect to leave of absence some advice.

The get-go is the exact location where y'all tin accept the bus, which tin live on establish hither on Google maps (clink), in addition to is on Chakrabongse Road (Khao San).
Another resultant is that, opposite to what y'all powerfulness expect, in that location is non actually a double-decker halt every bit nosotros are accustomed to seeing. What y'all volition respect on a pole is the indication of the unlike buses that go yesteryear through that detail house and, when nosotros speak, pass, it is actually pass, because if no i signs, the most for certain thing volition live on to go yesteryear without stopping, in addition to then y'all must live on aware in addition to moving ridge when y'all come across the orangish double-decker amongst the A4 inward front end of you.

We promise this information helps y'all to conception your solid unit of measurement trip to Bangkok, a perfect finish for a solid unit of measurement trip and, nosotros assure y'all that this is a non bad in addition to rubber way to larn to Bangkok amongst your children’s. We volition live on waiting for your comments in addition to suggestions on our Non Stop Family - Travel Blog.


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