Singapore Tourism Map : Krabi (Ao Nang) Or Phuket? What Is The Best Goal For A Household Unit Of Measurement Trip?

Our identify unit of measurement trip to Thailand started inwards Bangkok, which nosotros considered the perfect means to start your trip inwards Thailand (you tin come across our itinerary inwards Bangkok here) but, similar the vast bulk of people visiting Thailand, nosotros too wanted to watch in addition to larn to know roughly of the most famous beaches inwards the world, especially the Phi Phi Islands in addition to the Blue Planet famous Maya May.

That beingness the case, in addition to afterwards studying the dissimilar possibilities a bit, nosotros were left alongside the same uncertainty that many people rest when visiting this expanse of ​​Thailand: where to brand our base of operations to explore the dissimilar beaches Phuket or Krabi (more specifically Ao Nang)?

The both options hold off neat when you lot study both destinations and, that was a really difficult determination to make, equally it in all probability volition endure for you. In this way, nosotros promise that past times talking nigh our determination in addition to the reasons for our choice, assist you lot brand your decision to. Before nosotros utter nigh our choice, allow us only utter a litle nigh both destinations.


Phuket is in all probability the most famous identify for travelers to this expanse of ​​Thailand. It has a huge offering of hotels in addition to hostels, restaurants, many tours options in addition to dissimilar activities for adults in addition to children, equally good equally a neat offering of flights at rattling depression prices, from a lot of diferent airports.

The nightlife inwards Phuket is too Blue Planet famous in addition to is 1 of the large reasons for then many tourists to watch this large island.

The less positive points nosotros uncovering on business were, according to our research, that although in that place are beautiful beaches, they are oftentimes rattling crowded. The less crowded beaches are commonly away from the hotels, which forces to a greater extent than trips.

Another of the less positive points is that in that place are growing reports of the increase of sexual activity industrie, in addition to for those of us who desire to larn on a identify unit of measurement trip, prostitution in addition to lady boys are non the scenario nosotros wanted.

We too conducted a survey in addition to constitute that the prices charged past times dissimilar touristic companies for the normal tours, including the famous Phi Phi Islands, tend to endure to a greater extent than expensive inwards Phuket than inwards Krabi.


Krabi is non far from Phuket (just over ii hours past times car) in addition to in that place is the possibility of catching a ferry connecting Phuket in addition to Ao Nang (you tin abide by out moreinformation nigh prices, schedules in addition to purchase tickets online here)

Although nosotros are referring to Krabi, nosotros did non actually rest inwards the city, although nosotros highly recommend yo to watch it, specially its markets. We decided to rest inwards Ao Nang beach, equally it is a identify too alongside a lot of offering at the lodging level, for rattling affordable prices in addition to alongside several offers of restaurants in addition to touristic companies.

Maybe non then much has Phuket, but in that place are a lot of possibilities to exercise activities alongside your children and, of course, the possibility to watch wonderful beaches, the principal argue for the fame of this expanse of ​​Thailand. At nightlife level, its offering is non equally varied equally Phuket to.

Final choice

Well, our choice was non easy, only equally it volition non endure yours if, similar us, you lot are trying to determine your base of operations for exploring these wonderful beaches.

Of course of study this choice volition ever endure linked to what you lot desire to attain in addition to to your go goals. For example, if you lot are looking for wonderful resorts in addition to the nighttime live, Phuket is in all probability your best bet.

However, for a identify unit of measurement trip like, equally was our case, nosotros chose to rest inwards Krabi or, to a greater extent than specifically, Ao Nang, correct past times the beach.

And the reasons that led us to this choice are simple. The outset the price. On the flights level, nosotros didn't abide by meaning differences inwards go to Krabi or to Phuket. On specific dates, fifty-fifty the Phuket choice was a chip cheaper, which may non ever happen, equally the offering is higher for Phuket but, however, nosotros did non notice whatever meaning difference. Where nosotros noticed the biggest differences was inwards the hotel in addition to tours prices, where both cases inwards Krabi (Ao Nang) were cheaper.

Then in that place were other issues that inwards our instance helped us to brand that decision, including the lawsuit of safety in addition to prostitution, where nosotros sentiment it would endure best for a identify unit of measurement trip to rest inwards Krabi, namely Ao Nang beach.

After making the trip and, of course, without knowing Phuket nosotros tin state that nosotros felt nosotros had made a expert choice. Having stayed past times Ao Nang beach was a neat option. We got fantastic prices for the hotel, neat lineament and, throughout our stay, nosotros ever larn expert meals at expert prices, given that nosotros are inwards a tourist spot.
Although, equally nosotros mentioned, beingness a tourist spot, nosotros never felt crowded, in addition to nosotros were able to brand the most of our holidays safely, alongside fun in addition to alongside a broad choice of activities to do.

Something that nosotros cannot neglect to indicate out is that staying inwards Krabi or Phuket you lot volition ever lead keep the possibility to watch the Phi Phi Islands in addition to the Blue Planet famous Maya Bay. You volition in all probability fifty-fifty larn lower prices if you lot exit from Ao Nang (Krabi). But exercise non forget that, during the depression flavour inwards Thailand (June, July in addition to August), this beach is unopen to tourism to recover from the environmental harm caused due to the huge influx of tourists that has taken identify since it was filmed the Beach movie, alongside Leonardo Dicaprio.

We promise our ideas tin assist you lot alongside your decision. Do non forget to exit a Like, in addition to to comment in addition to percentage our Non Stop Family Blog.


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