Things to do in Singapore: Best Affair Close Existence A Daughter

Alexander enjoying the odds (7 twelvemonth former beauties from left: Jessica, Eliot, Maddie, as well as Sienna)

Best thing nearly beingness a daughter brought to you lot past times a 'totally random' grouping of vii twelvemonth former girls.
(With such self-confidence at 7, it's a mystery that solely 20% women concur a political office...but that's or as well as thus other blog.)

1) It's sort of embarrassing to endure a boy....because boys can't spin around.

2) If girls article of apparel a bracelet that's non truly nice...they all the same truly await nice.

3) We're truly talented at drawing.

4) We're pretty no thing what.

5) We tin article of apparel everything nosotros want: pants or dresses.

6) I experience pathetic for people who are boys because they operate into fights.

7) You don't operate wound every moment much when you're a girl.

8) Girls are pretty powerful.

9) Oh yeah, girls rule...boys drool.

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