Things must do in Singapore: Tanjong Katong Road

I approximate I can't truly comment definitively as I've exclusively ever lived inward this run of Singapore, but I practice bask living on the eastward of the isle as well as inward the Katong area.  We alive off a route called Tanjong Katong Road, the area fascinates me and I idea I'd part some of this with you.

There are a couple of modest shopping malls nearby, admittedly apart from a Fair Price, a Watsons as well as a Shop n' Save it is a some what limited shopping experience, but conversely nosotros are on the doorstep of a Post Office - e'er handy!  Better than this though at that spot are lots of little independent shops nearby and a diverseness of places to consume as well as the expanse e'er strikes me as being a existent piddling community.

As good as the supermarket chains, we discovered nearby what appears to last an independent supermarket.  Admittedly it is expensive but it does stock some unexpected items including familiar items from abode as well as a flake to a greater extent than choice on the vino front.  There is a greengrocers selling fresh fruit as well as vegetables (including the infamous durians) which also comes complete with a large white parrot overseeing I all the transactions.  Just a duo of doors upwards is a store selling a diverseness of birds, it is e'er a piddling foreign walking past times inward the eve after it has closed hearing the birds singing.

There are a broad diverseness of places to consume nearby including Smiths Fish as well as Chip store (UPDATE - Jan 2016 this branch is at nowadays closed, if yous desire your Brit manner fish as well as chip create yous tin caput to Balmoral Plaza, Bukit Timah Road), which I've written almost previously, Fairys as well as proper fish as well as chips, it is e'er really busy as well as seems every bit pop with both expats as well as locals.  Perhaps to a greater extent than traditionally at that spot is the Punggol Nasi Lemak eatery, I cause got to acknowledge I haven't eaten here but whenever nosotros acquire past times it is e'er teeming with people waiting to last served.  Definitely a skillful sign in Singapore as well as several taxi drivers cause got also raved almost the house as we've driven past times it, somewhere I intend nosotros demand to watch sooner rather than later.  When I kickoff arrived nosotros even had a local Indian takeaway that delivered (perfect) but sadly this has since closed but at that spot are nonetheless several Indian nutrient restaurants inward the vicinity to select from.  We simply cause got to move out at nowadays to dine but that is a modest cost to pay.

There are several shops and places I've yet to go too, some I'll in all likelihood never enterprise into like, for example, the landscape gardening as well as H2O characteristic shop.  Some though intrigue me, i that immediately springs to hear is the Tricycle Nite Lounge, non a store as such but I hateful what goes on there? The hear boggles to last honest as well as I haven't been able to honor out, perchance it's simply as good I don't know.  I sort of suspect besides that I'll in all likelihood never enterprise at that spot either but it does non halt me wondering what the house is.

At the goal of the route nosotros alive on is a petrol station which, simply as inward the UK, is really handy for emergency drinks or H2O ice cream cravings especially belatedly at night.  The most amusing affair though is the selling tactics of the cashiers.  They regularly endeavor to sell me a diverseness of things which I truly practice non want.  This has included with other things a DVD histrion and something that resembled a mass purchase on instant chicken soup.  I e'er spend upwards but I sort of expression forwards to seeing what they'll endeavor to sell me next!

There are condo blocks everywhere, edifice sites are a mutual sight inward Singapore with novel condo developments springing upwards all roughly as well as Katong is no exception.  This makes for a challenge inward that dirt as well as dust from these sites seems to acquire everywhere, I've never swept as well as washed floors as much as I cause got since I've been living here!  I'll last honest inward that in the fourth dimension I've been hither I can't truly run across whatsoever changes inward the evolution they are working on opposite our condo.  They simply seem to dig over the same slice of province as well as brand a lot of dissonance doing it but I'm certain something is going on.  Thankfully nosotros also overlook, on the contrary side, a route of houses which we've been told are protected from redevelopment.  They are knocking downwards some houses beyond this route though, I presume for some other development, but it did take me a while to actually notice that one-half the row of houses had gone as well as that non all the dissonance was coming from the evolution behind us!

Despite all the aspects that are different in a weird agency it also feels a piddling similar our previous abode close Twickenham.  How?  Well at that spot nosotros lived nether the flying path for Heathrow as well as hither from our condo nosotros tin run across the planes coming into Changi.  Though they are a piddling farther away at nowadays as well as then nosotros can't hear them as well as as an additional bonus we also acquire to run across the body of body of water as well as ships as good from here.

Katong truly feels similar abode to me as well as although we will probably have to motility from our electrical flow residence (our Landlord is looking to sell the flat) I promise we'll remain inward the eastward of the isle somewhere nearby.  Maybe I'll last writing something similar almost our abode inward the W at some scream for though - who knows.  Exploring the local shops as well as restaurants is definitely, I think, of import inward truly learning almost the house yous alive in, makes the whole experience a lot to a greater extent than rewarding and contributes toward what makes being here fun!


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