Things must do in Singapore: The Scottish Play

I am definitely somebody who enjoys going to the home in addition to and hence when a jeopardy to acquire in addition to encounter Macbeth (there I've mentioned it - whoops) came along I couldn't resist!  The production was position on past times the Singapore Repertory Theatre Company in addition to marketed every bit Shakespeare inwards the Park (so a skillful excuse to convey a picnic) every bit it is being performed in Fort Canning Park.  I've written about the park, on a to a greater extent than full general level, previously in addition to you lot tin give the axe read nearly that here.

The big wages of going to an opened upwards air outcome here, inwards comparing to the UK, is that fifty-fifty when the Sun goes downwards it is nonetheless wonderfully warm in addition to you lot don't all of a precipitous wishing you'd bought a thicker coat alongside you.  As long as it doesn't determine to pelting .... fortunately for us that was non the case.  There was some distant lightening which coincidentally was when the witches were on stage but this only added to the atmosphere.

The home society stuck truthful to the script but modernised it with up-to-date costumes in addition to props.  I studied Macbeth at schoolhouse in addition to hence knew the play but fifty-fifty for those non familiar alongside it, it is a play that is slow to enjoy in addition to has every bit much relevance today every bit it did when it was written.  The cast were a mix of local, American in addition to British actors in addition to were all really good.  I for certain got the impression, from everyone sitting around us, that they were all fully engrossed in addition to enjoying their nighttime out.

As I said like many outdoor events I've been to inwards the Britain this was a skillful excuse to induce got a picnic (though nosotros genuinely bought some nutrient in addition to potable at that topographic point - nosotros weren't really organised in addition to hence were glad they had nutrient etc. on sale).  The ane matter nosotros did do beforehand was brand sure nosotros drenched ourselves inwards põrnikas spray, every bit many people were every bit good doing when nosotros arrived, which fortunately seemed to pay off.  We've definitely learnt the difficult agency previously in addition to been covered inwards bites. 

Afterwards nosotros genuinely made a jeopardy uncovering of a hotel nosotros did non know fifty-fifty existed, the Fort Canning hotel which non surprisingly is inwards the park.  The edifice is big plenty in addition to although I've seen it I'm non sure how I never realised it was actually a hotel!  In my defence forcefulness though I don't remember seeing or reading anything nearly this hotel but they induce got a skillful bar which made a prissy place for post service home drinks. 

A thoroughly entertaining nighttime in addition to if, past times whatever chance, you lot grapple to acquire to encounter it earlier it finishes acquire piece of employment go!


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